How to Fix Stiff Slime | Reasons For Stiff Slime

This article tells you all about how to fix stiff slime with ingredients at your home and explores the reasons that can turn your slime hard.

How to Fix Stiff Slime

Stretchy, glossy, and super fun, slime is an easy way to keep your kids busy. It is also a great stress buster for adults. However, a hard, rubbery slime can turn your mood sour. What if we tell you that hard slime is extremely easy to fix, that too with simple ingredients present at your home.

How to Fix Stiff Slime

How to Fix Stiff Slime 2

1. Add Water to the Slime

It might sound too simple, but adding water is amongst the most effective methods of fixing a stiff slime. The added water hydrates the mix and makes it soft again. The technique has a better and quicker result when done with hot water. However, adult supervision and guidance is advised if kids are trying to fix the slime. Start with a tablespoon of water and knead the slime. Keep adding water and kneading the mix until you get the desired consistency.

2. Mix Some Hand Sanitizer

Another simple way to soften the slime is by adding a few drops of hand sanitizer. You can adjust your measurements as per your requirements. In addition to softening the slime, hand sanitizers have anti-bacterial properties that kill any germs in the slime. If you use scented sanitizers, it can also make your slime fragrant. 

3. Add Body Lotion to the Slime

The moisturizing properties of the lotion that keep your skin soft, also help make the stiff slime slippery again. For the method, add around four tablespoons of lotion in a bowl with the slime and knead them well, add more if required. The quantity of the lotion depends on the consistency of the slime you want. 

4. Add More Glue to Your Recipe

One of the most common reasons for a stiff slime is the lack of glue in the recipe. So, try and add more glue to your slime to make it slippery again. The right balance of activators and glue will help you get the perfect recipe and slime consistency

Reasons For Stiff Slime

Reasons Due to Which Your Slime gets Stiff

1. Extra Borax Powder

Slime recipes are all about measurements. Adding too much borax powder can lead to hard and rubbery slimes. To fix the issue, try adding one of the softening agents mentioned above and knead thoroughly to get supple and slippery slime.

2. Prolonged Exposure to Air

It would be best if you always store your slime in an airtight container or a ziplock bag when not in use because prolonged exposure to air can make it stiff. A container helps increase the life of the slime, and also helps keep it clean.


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