How to Fix Rubbery Slime | How to Correct Rubbery Slime

Here are a few easy steps on how to fix rubbery slime to correct your slime mishap into the perfect ever slime! Keep reading to know more.

Why is My Slime Rubbery?

It is incredibly heartbreaking when your hard-worked slime turns out to be too stiff or rubbery. There are simple ways to fix your slime, but let’s understand the reason behind rubbery slimes. Generally, a rubbery slime indicates an overactivated solution. Adding extra activators like borax powder can lead to hard, rubbery, stringy, or dry slime. Another reason for a rubbery slime is the evaporation of water over time. If not stored in a ziplock bag or an airtight container, the moisture from the slime evaporates, making it stiff and rubbery.

How to Fix Rubbery Slime 

1. With Warm Water

It is easy to fix your slime in your kitchen with a few easy steps. For the first solution, add your slime to a large bowl. Then, start adding warm water to your slime and keep kneading it with light pressure. Keep on adding water as needed. You will start to notice your slime becoming soft and stretchy. The process might take some time, so be patient and keep massaging the slime. You will see the slime turn jiggly before your eyes in no time. Have fun and play with your saved slime!

2. With White Wine Vinegar

In a large bowl, add your slime with a quarter tablespoon of white wine vinegar. Now work the vinegar in the rubbery slime and watch it become soft and stretchy. Keep kneading the slime until you get the desired texture.

3. With Baby Lotion

Baby lotion is an excellent addition to slime to make it softer and smoother. It also adds a subtle fragrance to the slime and keeps your hands nourished, due to its moisturizing properties. For the method add a tablespoon of baby lotion and knead your slime gently. Keep adding the lotion and kneading the slime till it reaches your desired consistency.

4. With Shaving Foam and Clay

This three-step savior can help you add a new life to your old rubbery slime. Add shaving cream or foam to your rubbery slime and mix well. Next, add a small block of market-bought clay to your mixture. Finally, add some lotion or hand cream to the mix and work on the slime till it becomes stretchy and ready to play again! Watch the video above to learn about the procedure in detail.

5. With Hand Sanitizer

Hand sanitizer helps soften the slime. For the softening method, add a drop or two of hand sanitizer to your rubbery slime and start working on it. Add more sanitizer if required and knead your slime on a clean counter till it’s ready to play!

Pro Tip: Using your fingers to fold the slime adds heat to the mixture that helps activate its ingredients better for the perfect texture.

Recipe for Making the Perfect Slime

How to Fix Rubbery Slime2

Learn how to make fool-proof slime to avoid such rubbery situations! 

What You Need

  1. Water
  2. Food Color
  3. PVA Glue
  4. Boric Acid/Soda Bicarbonate
  5. Glitter (Optional)

What To Do

  1. In a bowl, add a cup of cold water and six drops of your favorite food color.
  2. Then, in a separate bowl, mix 200ml of PVA glue and two teaspoons of boric acid or soda bicarbonate. Make sure you mix these ingredients well.
  3. Now, slowly start pouring the cold water and food color solution into the glue mixture. 
  4. Stir the solution with a spatula until it hardens and starts to leave the bowl.
  5. Next, take out the solution on a clean platform and knead the slime solution until you get a stretchy and slimy texture.
  6. Keep kneading till you get the desired texture. If the slime turns out stiff, add water and if it turns out too liquidy, add boric acid.
  7. You can choose to add other slime add-ons as well to prettify it a bit. Visit here to know more about these add-ons.

Note: Kneading can be a tiresome activity for your arms but it’s the key to a perfect slime. So, keep kneading the slime with light pressure. Remember, the heat added to the slime in the combining process can make or break the mud! Literally! 

We hope that the above methods on how ti fix rubbery slime were able to fix your slime situation!


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