How to Fix Really Hard Slime | Tips to Fix Hard Slime

Learn what to do when your slime becomes too tough or hard with these tips and tricks on how to fix really hard slime.

How to Fix Really Hard Slime1

Slime is addictive, and so much fun! However, everyone’s mood is spoiled when you come face to face with a hard mess instead of the jiggly fun goo you wanted. So, what do you do in such situations? Well, fixing slime is as easy as making it at home. Use the following methods on how to fix really hard slime effortlessly.

How To Fix Really Hard Slime

1. Hot or boiling Water

You might have heard about this solution time and again. However, nothing makes slime softer than the good old H2O. Adding hot water paces up the process and helps you get softer slime effortlessly. For the method, heat water in a pot or kettle so that it is hot but comfortable enough to touch. Then, add it slowly as per requirement in a bowl along with the hard slime. Mix and knead your slime till you get your desired texture. In case you are using boiling water, add the water and slime to the bowl and leave it for a minute, till the water is comfortable enough to touch and then start mixing. 

2. Baby Oil

The same oil that keeps babies’ skin soft can mend your hard slime as well. So, add a few drops of baby oil to your hot water before mixing it with the hard slime. Not only does the method helps get a smoother and silkier slime, but it also keeps your skin nourished when playing with the slime. 

3. Shaving Cream or Foam

Believe it or not, that foamy cream that helps you get rid of the fuzz off your hands and legs is a miraculous softening agent for your slime! So, squirt some shaving foam on your hard slime on a workstation and start working on it patiently. After some time, the slime begins to get softer and stretchier. 

4. Hair Gel

Another unconventional ingredient to save your slime, hair gels help loosen up the composition of the slime. It is also an ideal solution to soften clear slimes as lotions and shaving creams can turn your slime opaque. For the method, add two teaspoons of hair gel to your hard slime and gently start working on it until it reaches the desired consistency. 

5. Mouthwash

How to Fix Really Hard Slime3

This ‘use-it-to believe-it’ method leaves your hard slime soft and minty. Add a tablespoon of mouthwash to your hard slime in a big bowl and get your slime back in the perfect condition! Remember, patience is the key to get a perfect slime. 

6. Gloppy Slime

This is a genius idea to get the best result from two bad situations. Mix your batch of too runny slime with the hard slime and mix them well. The mixture will help you get a perfect consistency and more slime!

For more simple ideas and ingredients, read this article about fixing stiff slime and the reasons your slime might become hard. 


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