How to Fix Clumpy Slime | How to Fix Lumpy Slime

Learn how to fix clumpy slime through a quick guide in this article and also get to know the possible causes for lumpy slime.

How to Fix Clumpy Slime1

If you are a mom to a toddler, then you have been exposed to slime in your life. It is almost impossible to imagine somebody with a kid of this age not to have experience with this clumpy, chunky looking thing. Nowadays, people are making videos on YouTube elaborating on the different ways you can play with slime.

The only easy or good thing about slime is that you can make it in your homes quite easily. It is a cheap way of entertaining your kids for an extended period, but the cleaning process is challenging. It spreads all over the place, and taking it off is even more challenging, but plenty of solutions are provided on how to fix it

Simple Slime Recipe!

One of the important things that occur with slime is that it becomes way too chunky or clumpy, and why? There are plenty of reasons for that as well. For this, we have to first understand how to make it in order to have a better understanding of the different proportions of the materials used.

Firstly, add a cup of white or clear PVA glue into a bowl and add 2-3 drops of your favorite food color. Next, add in two tablespoons of saline solution and mix the solution well with a spatula. Finally, knead the slime well with your hands. The slime will slowly take its texture and if it doesn’t, add a few more squirts of the slime activator.

Why does slime become clumpy?

Now that we know how to make slime, let’s figure out why it goes wrong. One of the most common reasons for the slime to get clumpy is adding the wrong type of glue to it. Only glues with PVA ingredients works efficiently to make the perfect slime; using the wrong one can make it extra liquidly or clumpy. Another reason for the slime to go wrong is if you use inaccurate measurements. Measurements are necessary when you are making a slime recipe! Additionally, you could even go wrong with the saline solution, which contains Borax or Boric Acid in it. Without this, the slime solution will end up failing terribly and disappointing your child as well. 

How To Fix Clumpy Slime

When your solution and slime have more liquid starch, it might end up becoming stringy or lumpy. You might also be able to see the separation between the glue and the starch as well. To fix this clumpy slime:

  1. Start by pouring off any extra starch from the slime.
  2. Add some more glue to your slime mix and knead it by hand. Once you have added the glue and kneaded it for a couple of minutes, it will look fresh and new.
  3. Leave it overnight in a sealed bag and see the magic in the morning.

How to Store Slime

How to Fix Clumpy Slime2

1. In Zip-Lock Bags

Storing slimes in the zip-lock pouches can increase their shelf-life for a few days. It is an affordable way to store slime.

2. Airtight Containers

Another easy way to store slime is in airtight containers. However, keep the containers or the zip-lock bags in the refrigerator, away from the sunlight to keep it from drying out.

3. Away From Sunlight

It would be best if you store your slime away from the sunlight, as it increases its chances to dry out. 

Slime is ready, and yay, your child loves it Don’t stop the fun, and just let your kids play with this messy companion. If it starts to take over your place, clean the mess with white vinegar. If you want to create some fun and different slime, check out these slime recipes and slime party ideas. Store the slime in your refrigerators to extend its life! 


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