How To Dispose Of Slime & How Not to

Wondering if you could throw slime down the drain or in your trash can? Read on to learn how to dispose of slime safely and sustainably!

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The hype for slimes has been around for a while. Some people use it as a tool to manage their stress and anxiety, while children use it as a toy. However, it is crucial to understand the consequences of recklessly throwing slimes and learn how to dispose of slime to protect the environment.

How To Dispose Of Slime

How To Dispose Of Slime 2

You can use the following techniques to get rid of slimes you don’t want or if your homemade slime didn’t turn out the way you wanted:

1. Cut It Into Little Pieces Before Putting It In The Trash

Large chunks of slime can be damaging to the environment if they are thrown in the trash since they will attract additional waste. This will not only make a mess but also be problematic for any staff members who manage your trash collection. Therefore, the best idea is to cut the slime into small pieces before tossing it out with your household waste.

2. Speak To Your Local Recycling Facility

If you have a large amount of slime to throw, you can bring it to a recycling center.
Some recycling facilities will take your items for no cost, while others will charge a small fee.
Getting in touch with your local recycling center is a good idea because they have the skills needed to dispose of these things properly.

3. Give It Away

If you have some unused slime or you made a lot of it for a YouTube video, you can probably give it away to children.

You can call a neighboring school or look for kids in your own relatives and friends who might like slime. Another option is finding an orphanage or children’s welfare facility that will take these kinds of toys and sensory items.

Slime can be a great educational tool, especially for smaller kids. If you have a large quantity of slime on hand, a donation is the best way to get rid of it.

Re-Using Old Slime

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Instead of disposing of the slime, you can make your slime new again if you would still like to keep it. Many times, slime dries out and hardens into solid rock, and people think they can’t use it anymore.

All you need to do is warm it up in hot water and give it a good knead. To make it more soft and flexible, you can also use shampoo, foaming hand soap, hand sandpaper, hair gel, or liquid gelatin.

Avoid These Mistakes When Disposing of Slime

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Slime is not a hazardous substance, yet it is still not a good idea to discard it carelessly. Here are some things to remember:

1. Avoid Flushing Slime Down The Toilet Or Drain

You will encourage the growth of bacteria if you wash slime down the drain or the kitchen sink.
Because of the slime, various mold and bacteria may begin to grow in your sink. It begins to smell and clogs your pipes, among other things.

Even if the slime eventually dries off, running water in your sink or drain will continually swell it. So it is best to keep it away from pipes, flushes, and sinks.

2. Be Careful While Handling The Ingredients

If you want to manufacture some slime for a science assignment, try to avoid using any toxic or non-biodegradable ingredients. PVA glue is unquestionably biodegradable, but slime recipes frequently include foam beads, glitter, or other charms. Therefore, you might not be able to send your slime to a recycling facility if you want to use such ingredients.

However, simple PVA glue slime recipes can be readily thrown away in the trash.

Compared to other straightforward recipes, the slime that involves borax and alcohol may be slightly dangerous. These dangerous compounds have the potential to make your eyes leak, so you should exercise extreme caution when using them.

If you have non-biodegradable slime, you should make every effort to use it rather than discarding it in the trash. Other than that, keep pets and children away from borax and alcohol slime. Ensure your kids wash their hands with water and soap after using this kind of slime.

Bouns Tip – Reuse Slime Containers

Most slime containers and jars can be recycled or used again around the house. You can use them to keep stationery or any other craft supplies.

These containers are safer to use than the other ones on the market because they are either food-grade or cosmetic-grade. You may quickly ascertain this by looking at the number on the jar’s or container’s bottom. This will help you determine whether the container can be recycled or is secure enough to hold additional objects.


Using our tips and tricks, we hope you will be easily able to dispose of your slime. By doing this, you are not only thinking about the environment but also about the other individuals who work in the waste management sector and deal with your waste regularly.


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