How to Clean Patio Cushions With Borax

Know how to clean patio cushions with borax through hand-washing as well as pressure-washing techniques effectively through this article.

Outdoor cushions or patio cushions are perfect for outdoor relaxation. They are an excellent place to spend some time with your family members and friends outside while enjoying the weather, sunrises, and sunsets alike. However, with time, patio cushions become dry and dirty. Moreover, the outside environment and elements like animals and birds can soil them further. A good cleaning of the patio cushions increases the longevity of the furnishing accessory. It even increases the lure of sitting in the area. Learn how to easily clean the patio cushions with borax by following these manual handwashing and pressure-washing methods.

Method 1-Hand Washing Method

Step 1-Lie the Cushions Out on a Deck

Start the procedure by laying the cushions on a deck, sidewalk, or driveway. Then clean the cushions thoroughly away from the grass to avoid grass stains or mud. A good way to scrape off removable dust from the cushions is to spray water on each cushion generously and clean them. Ensure that the cushions are just lightly damp and not soaking wet.

Step 2-Prepare the Borax Solution

Add ½ cup of Borax and two tablespoons of dish-washing liquid or detergent in a bucket. Fill the bucket with water, preferably lukewarm.

Step 3-Scrub the Patio Cushions

Use a brush with stiff bristles to apply the cleaning solution to your patio cushions. Scrub the cushion area generously to create lather in enough amounts. The lather helps entrap dust particles and cleans the surface effortlessly. If you find mildewed spots or heavy stains, scrub more and add more cleaning solutions to the specific area. The cleaning solution should essentially sit on the patio cushions for about five minutes.

Step 4-Rinse the Garden Cushions Completely

Once the five minutes are over, rinse the garden cushions thoroughly. Besides, make sure you remove the borax cleaning solution properly.

Step 5 Manual Moisture Removal from the Cushion

After that, use your hands to press the moisture from patio cushions and lean them vertically, facing the sun to dry completely.

Method 2-Pressure Cushion Washing Procedure

Step 1 Apply the Borax Solution

Similar to the case of manual washing, start the cleaning procedure or process by laying the outdoor cushions on the sidewalk, driveway, or deck. After this, add the borax and soap cleaning solution to your pressure water reservoir. Alternatively, you may add the borax solution into a bottle and attach it to the pressure washer. Make sure that the spray hose attaches firmly.

Step 2 Connect a Garden Hose and Check the Water Supply

Connect a garden hose with a pressure washer and convert the water supply to its highest level. Low pressure of water might affect the outcome of your cleaning process. Therefore, make sure you have good water pressure for the cleaning process before starting.
Besides, before turning on the pressure washer, pull on the trigger of the spray gun. This step ensures the proper flow of water from the machine. Once the water starts flowing freely to the spray gun end from the spigot, turn on the washer.

Step 3 Use Soap Spray to Clean Each Part of the Outdoor Cushion

You have to attach the soap spray or cleaning spray tip to the washer hose and spray each patio cushion’s entire surface. However, avoid spraying too close to the fabric of the patio cushion. If you spray too close, it might damage the fabric surface. It would be best if you wash the side areas of the cushion properly.

Step 4 Scrub Properly by Using a Brush

If you find any stubborn stains, use a brush equipped with hard bristles to integrate the borax cleaning solution into the cushion fibers. Once you apply the cleaning solution, you should scrub each of the problematic areas by using the brush. Next, leave it to rest for five minutes.

Step 5 Finally, Rinse the Cushions and Remove Moisture Contents

Similar to the case of manual washing, rinse the cushion properly and remove as much water as possible before letting it dry in the sunlight.

So, clean your patio cushions today, to have the best front seat for enjoying the beautiful outdoors!


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