How to Clean Cowboy Boots with Household Items

Learn how to clean cowboy boots with household items that are efficient and cheap, unlike commercial cleaners that make a hole in your pocket!

How to Clean Cowboy Boots with Household Items1

Cowboy boots are comfortable, stylish and they can take your style up a notch effortlessly. In addition to that, they are charming as well. However, the leather made boots are prone to becoming dirty and messy. If you regularly wear cowboy boots, you have to learn about everyday hacks that can help you clean them with simple household items, as they save cost and are incredibly effective. 

How to Clean Cowboy Boots with Household Items

1. Liquid or Dish-washing Soap and Water 

Water and regular liquid soap are sufficient cleaning agents or ingredients for cleaning cowboy boots. To start the process, you should remove the insoles and shoelaces of the boots. Next, mix a small amount of liquid soap and warm water in a small bowl and use a microfiber cloth to clean the shoes.

Dip the fabric in the solution and wring it properly. After that, apply the solution on the shoes’ surface gently with the wrung cloth. If you find tough stains, gently use a toothbrush in a small circular motion to remove the stubborn dirt from the boot surface. Finally, it would be best if you wipe the shoes using a clean and damp cloth while allowing their outer areas to remain dry. 

Note: After cleaning and drying, the shoes should be rubbed well with a leather conditioner for longlasting shine and maintainance. 

2. Using Toothpaste

How to Clean Cowboy Boots with Household Items2

Believe it or not, toothpaste is not only useful for cleaning teeth. Instead, it acts as an effective cleaning agent to remove dust and dirt from the cowboy boots. Wipe the boots with a wet cotton cloth and dampen them to allow your toothpaste to stick. 

After this, apply a few toothpaste dabs on your boots while using a toothbrush equipped with tough bristles on your shoe’s surface. Ensure that the toothpaste is distributed evenly on your boots and leave them for about ten to fifteen minutes. Finally, wipe your shoes using a wet cloth and keep outside to let them dry before you condition and wear them.

3. Using Baking Soda and Water 

You should prepare a thick paste of three tablespoons of baking soda with 1.5 tablespoons of water. Next, apply this cleaning mix on the boots with the help of a toothbrush. Leave your boots outside with the applied baking soda paste for about four hours. When the paste dries, clap the boot soles together to remove the dried paste. Finally, use a dry toothbrush to remove the excess paste.

4. Using a Hair Conditioner

Hair conditioner is an excellent household item that can be used as an effective cleaning solution for your cowboy boots. The hair conditioner comes with wax properties that cleanse the leather boots efficiently. Moreover, hair conditioners retain the leather feel and quality for a relatively long time. Simply use a little amount of conditioner and a toothbrush to scrub excess dirt from the boots.

5. Using Vinegar

How to Clean Cowboy Boots with Household Items3

Vinegar is an active cleansing agent used for cleaning cowboy boots. Add water and vinegar in equal proportion in a small vessel and prepare the mixture by stirring thoroughly. Dip a clean cloth of cotton in the mix and work on the leather shoe surface. Finally, wipe the boots by using a clean and damp cloth and placing them outside for drying. 

Cleaning cowboy boots is no longer a difficult task! Only you have to search for the available household items that can be used for these cleaning hacks. Here’s where you can buy them if you don’t have them already:


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