How To Reduce Indoor Air Pollution | Tips And Tricks

Below are some effective tips and tricks on how to reduce indoor air pollution to at least breathe fresh air inside your home!

Air pollution which causes more than 7 million death across the world every year is one of the leading problems which we should be worried about. This affects each and every one of us, even when you are indoor you are not safe from the bad air quality you breathe.

As a matter of fact, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) states that the air inside your home is even more polluted than the air outside. But how? It’s because contained and confined areas make potential pollutants to build up more than open spaces do. It can be up to two to five times worse than the outdoor air quality. Just like waterbodies, if they are flowing then it will remain clean but if it’s stagnant then the dirt will start building up.

Indoor pollutants that affect your health are:

  • Formaldehyde which comes from carpets and particle boards.
  • Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) which comes as a solvent in hair sprays, perfumes, and air fresheners.
  • Biological pollutants include dust, fungi, allergens.

So how can you clean indoor air without using chemicals? Air fresheners might look like a viable option, but no they are not. These so-called air fresheners have harmful chemicals in them, when sprayed, in exchange for their scent they release more harmful chemicals into your home. When inhaled they can cause potential damage to your lungs.

Below are some of the pro tips on how to reduce indoor air pollution:

1. Use essential oil diffusers

How To Reduce Indoor Air Pollution

Instead of using chemical air fresheners use essential oil diffusers to clean your home air. Essential oils like tea tree oil have proven antibacterial properties and can also be added to the mop while cleaning your house. They leave a refreshing smell without any harmful effects. They can even relieve stress(Rose, Bergamot, Chamomile oil), boost the immune system(oregano, lemon, tea tree, clove oil) and promotes good sleep (bergamot, lavender, spikenard oil). Eucalyptus, clove, and rosemary essential oil are proven to reduce the number of dust mites as well.

2. Use natural décor- Houseplants

How To Reduce Indoor Air Pollution

Common indoor plants are proven to reduce indoor air pollution. They can absorb harmful gases and provide fresh air to breathe. Plants like:

1. Aloe Vera: They have the ability to filter formaldehyde and benzene. They are easy to grow and have proven medical uses.

2. Spider Plant: NASA has claimed spider plants to be one of the best indoor plants to remove formaldehyde from indoor air. It also helps in removing carbon monoxide (one of the most harmful gases).

3. Open your windows

How To Reduce Indoor Air Pollution

From our analogy of river discussed earlier, opening your windows will allow the air to flow(like the water) in your home and thus stopping the accumulation of harmful air pollutants. It’s cheap and one of the best ways to improve air quality, opening windows in the morning will also let sunshine enter your home which will kill germs and bacteria.

4. Keep your floors cleaned

Cleaning your floor regularly can eliminate the risk of accumulation of dust, germs and potential pollutants entering your lungs while breathing.

5. Don’t wear shoes inside your home

You might not be able to see but the shoes you wear daily carry a lot of germs, pollens, fungi, and bacteria. Keeping them outside the house will keep this harmful stuff at bay. This will keep your floor and air clean.

6. Eliminate molds

How To Reduce Indoor Air Pollution 5

The fungus from molds are really bad for you, inhaling them for a long time can lead to serious health issues. They release spores into the air which can really pollute the indoor air. They grow in dark and damp places such as below a carpet, so make sure you keep a watch on them.

7. Using air purifiers

How To Reduce Indoor Air Pollution

An air purifier can eliminate potentially harmful particles inside your home. If someone in your family has Asthma, consider installing an air purifier in their room.


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