How Long Does Slime Last | How To Make Slime Last Longer

You might be wondering how long does slime last if you’ve recently done a slime DIY on your own. This article contains all about slime and its shelf life all in one place!

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What Is A Slime?

Slime is a non-newtonian liquid that is elastic, sticky, as well as gooey. It’s useful in manufacturing toys, stress relievers, and many enticing science projects for kids. You can create slime with various ingredients such as glue, cornstarch, food coloring, shampoo, and water. Even though most homemade slimes include non-toxic ingredients, some people often choose to include the toxic ingredients for better results. Such ingredients like borax can lead to severe health problems for anyone who might accidentally ingest the borax.

Parents and teachers use slime alike, for educational purposes to teach the kids about elasticity, polymerization, and chemical changes.

All in all, slime in essence is the ultimate source of pleasure. However, even though many folks joined in on the fun, some are still worried about the safety of slime or how long it would last. But is it really worth buying or making something that will only last a few days? Let’s know how long does slime last with the information below.

How Long Does Slime Last?

Slime can last anywhere from a few days to several months, depending on the type and whether you bought it or DIY it at home. It also depends on the components or ingredients being used and how you store them as it has an impact on their shelf life. Store-bought slime usually lasts for several months before hardening. On the other hand, homemade slime is only good for a week or two before it hardens. Of course, if your slime begins to stiffen, you may easily soften it by following some quick tricks. Moreover, you can make your slime last longer by carefully sealing it after using it every time.

When exposed to the air for too long, the slime hardens far more quickly in comparison to a slime that is stored inside an airtight container. Further, slime’s greatest enemies are mold, yeast, fungi, and air; hence you must store slime away from the sun in an airtight container to make it last longer.

Even though slime is fun to DIY, you must be mindful to not leave it in the open air for lengthy periods of time. If you want your DIY slime to stay elastic and fun to play with the next day, you must store it properly. Aside from the fact that some slime recipes spoil faster than others, be aware that recipes such as Magnetic Slime tend to rust.

Now that you know how long slime lasts, there are a few more things to know about the slimy substance and how to make them last longer!

How To Make Slime Last Longer?

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People often choose zip-lock bags to store slime as they are easy to open and close. These bags have minuscule pores that enable a little quantity of air to pass through the bag. Even though the zip lock bags have a possibility of passing some air, it’s not so deteriorating for the slime. Keep the slime in the ziplock bags and close it tightly after removing all air from the inside, such that the ziplock bag is flat.

Additionally, you may extend the life of your slime by putting it in the refrigerator. Even if it’s in an airtight container, room temperature won’t keep it fresh for long. Further, keeping slime cool can keep it fresh for up to a week. You can either store the slime in an airtight container or a ziplock bag and store it in the refrigerator to keep it fresh for up to a month.

Air contact can dry out the slime or get it moldy. Therefore, the best way to store slime for the longest time is to keep it out of the sun and in a vacuum-sealed bag or container. This will preserve the slime for more than a month.

What To Do If Slime Hardens?

In case your slime hardens due to excess air or sun exposure, there are some quick hacks that you can try to bring back the original flexibility of the slime. Pour a few drops of water and a moisturizer over the hardened slime and start kneading it till it gets its flexibility back. You can add or reduce the quantity of moisturizer as per your slime’s condition.

1. Learning Experience

Slime is beloved for a multitude of reasons, one of which is the sheer pleasure of studying science. Watching slime turn into a liquid and then back into a solid is a joyful experience for many people.

2. Relives Stress

Watching slime films and squeezing it between your fingers works well as a stress reliever. It’s also appealing because of its sticky texture and the satisfaction you get when stretching it.

3. Soothing Effects

How Long Does Slime Last3

Slime videos have an immediate calming impact on everyone. Everyone, including ourselves, finds it fascinating to witness simple materials morph into something completely different after only a few minutes of churning.

4. Practical Reasons

Slime can be used to clean electrical devices such as laptops, keyboards, automobile dashboards, and more. Since slime remains sticky if stored properly, it gathers all the dirt and small particles from any surface.


Overall, slime is one of the most entertaining materials that you can use for various reasons. However, it must be adequately cared for if you want it to last longer. If you forget, don’t worry; all you need is a slime kit or a few DIY materials, and you’ll have a new slime to enjoy in no time.

Thank you for reading. Don’t forget to share your experience, thoughts, and insights in the comments below!


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