How Long Does Rose Water Last | Rose Water Benefits

How Long Does Rose Water Last? Learn the answer to this question and the benefits of rose water by reading this article thoroughly.

What is Rose Water? 

Rosewater has been in use in the Middle Eastern Countries since the 7th Century. It is fragrant water used as a natural perfume, created by distilling the rose petals with steam. In addition to its aromatic properties, it is extremely popular for its cosmetic and culinary properties. Since Rose Water is so readily available, it is a part of the beauty regime of many women. It has many benefits starting from maintaining the pH balance of the skin to anti-aging properties. Keep reading to know how long does rose water last and the benefits that it has to offer!

Benefits of Rose Water

1. Skin Irritation

Rosewater has strong anti-inflammatory properties, which help in treating multiple wounds, skin irritation, and acne. It soothes the skin and reduces the redness of irritated skin. Its anti-bacterial properties reduce acne and improve the complexion of the skin. 

2. Revitalizes Skin

Rose Water is proven to help in hydrating, revitalizing, and moisturizing the skin. It gives a refreshed look to the skin and leaves a cooling effect. Rosewater slows down the aging process of the skin as it tightens and improves the skin’s elasticity.

3. Relieves Headaches

Rosewater helps to relieve headaches with its potent anti-depressants and anti-anxiety effects. Vapors of the rose water can help provide relief to headaches. It provides emotional wellbeing and allows the mind to relax. 

4. Dandruff

Rosewater helps in treating mild scalp inflammations and getting rid of dandruff. It acts as a natural conditioner and revitalizes hair growth. Mixing a little rose water with your natural shampoo can help you get rid of dandruff.

5. Sore Throat

Rosewater has been traditionally known for soothing sore throat due to its antibiotic properties. It helps in digestion by improving bile secretion. 

How Long Does Rose Water Last?

Most commercial rose water comes with an expiry date on the packaging. But if you’re wondering about homemade rose water, it can last up to six months before going bad if you store it correctly. One should keep it in the refrigerator or a cool, dry place for longer shelf life. Keep it away from direct sunlight and close the lid of the container as soon as you’re done using it.

How to Make Rose Water at Home?

What You Need

  1. Lukewarm Water
  2. Rose Petals
  3. Distilled Water
  4. Large Pot
  5. Glass Jar


  1. Take lukewarm distilled water and wash the rose petals in it until all dirt and debri are washed off.
  2. Now, take a large pot and pour the distilled water into the pot containing rose petals. 
  3. Let the water heat on low flame and cover the pot. Heat until the petals lose their color.
  4. Strain the liquid and discard all the rose petals. 
  5. Store the liquid in the glass jar and put it in refrigerator or a cool dark place.

Rose Water for Face

1. Soothing Sunburns

Take a ¼ cup of rose water and a ½ tablespoon aloe vera juice and mix it well. Pour the liquid into the bottle and shake well. Apply it in the areas that are affected by sunburn. 

2. As a Skin Toner

Take 100 ml of plain water, 8-10 drops of rose water, and 8-10 drops of essential oil (optional). Put all the ingredients in a spray bottle and spray this liquid on your face and neck both in the morning and evening. 

3. Face Pack for Acne

Take two tablespoons of fuller’s earth and mix them with rose water to make a paste. Apply this paste on the acne and affected areas. Once the paste dries, wash it off. This pack helps cleanse pores, control excess oil and prevent acne. Gently apply rose water on the face after washing off the pack.

Alternatively, take one tablespoon of rose water and gram flour, one teaspoon of orange juice, and a pinch of turmeric. Blend all the ingredients and make a paste. You can add or reduce the amount of rose water based on how thick or thin you want the paste to become. Wash your face and apply this pack, while focusing on the affected areas. Leave the pack for 15-20 minutes and wash it off. After washing off the pack, gently apply rose water as a toner.

Now that you know how long does rose water last and the benefits of rose water, DIY it today and reap the maximum benefits for your skin.


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