How Long Do Cornrows with Extensions Last

If you want to know how long do cornrows with extensions last, give this article a thorough read to gather all the information about cornrows with extensions.

Cornrow is a traditional hairstyle that first originated in Africa and the Caribbean. It gained popularity because of its long-lasting nature and high durability and hence is still adorned popularly by many people. A fashionable way of maintaining the hair, cornrows are a style of braids wherein the hair is braided very close to the scalp, creating a raised row of braids firmly attached to the scalp. Usually made in straight line patterns, cornrows have now evolved into intricate patterns and designs made along the scalp while braiding. These braids help protect the hair from damage but should not be made too tight or by extensive hair pulling as this can otherwise lead to breakage.

Cornrows work on a range of styles and hair lengths. Often used on African hair for protective styling, braiding cornrows can take up to a few hours as it requires a lot of precision so that no hair is left out.

Cornrows with Extensions

When getting cornrows, natural hair might not give the desired length, and to compensate for that, most people opt for extensions for longer and healthier-looking cornrows. These are attached to the cornrows towards the end of the hair and braided in the same way till the end. While it might be the go-to method for getting cornrows, extensions are not always a good option. If you have thin hair, extensions are out of the question. This is because thinning hair is prone to breakage and cannot hold up the weight of extensions.

How Long Do Cornrows with Extensions Last?

Generally speaking, whether with or without extensions, you should not keep cornrows for more than six weeks. After that, the hair starts to break and lock. This time is dependent on a variety of factors, including age, environment, hair health, type of braids, etc., but in any case, 4-6 weeks is the maximum time for keeping cornrows without any touchups. In case you suffer from itching or feel tenderness in hair, you should get the cornrows removed immediately as it can aggravate the issue. All of which will eventually lead to breakage and hair damage.

Care Routine for Cornrows

There are a few things to keep in mind for taking care of cornrows with extensions.

  1. Extremely small braids can damage the hair as they can be too tight on the scalp. Medium to large size cornrows tend to last longer. Besides, you can easily take care of them.
  2. If you regularly get cornrows, it is essential to keep a gap of at least a week between getting them. This allows the scalp to relax and breathe. It also imposes less stress on the hair as detangling can cause damage.
  3. It is vital to keep your natural hair moisturized for cornrows to act as a protective hairstyle. Using a moisturizing spray or leave-in conditioners makes it easier to maintain. Also, keep the scalp moisturized through oiling.
  4. Keep the scalp clean. To avoid frizz on the braids, cover the cornrows before cleaning the scalp. Use a gentle toothbrush to remove the dead skin cells after applying a mild shampoo.
  5. Ensure you do not braid it too tight to the scalp; else, you may suffer from severe hair loss or even traction alopecia.


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