How Castor Oil is Beneficial for Dogs’ Skin | Castor Oil for Dogs

Learn how castor oil is beneficial for dogs’ skin and why you must incorporate it in your pets skincare regime.

How Castor Oil is Beneficial for Dogs' Skin1

All of us are aware of castor oil’s therapeutic properties for our skin, hair, and health. Some of the proven and listed benefits of this miracle oil are immediate relief from constipation, prevention of hair loss, treatment of varicose veins or spider veins, treatment for insomnia, and fungal diseases. However, many people do not know that castor oil is beneficial for dogs.

What is so great about castor oil?

Castor oil comes from plant seeds and has a plethora of benefits for your beauty and health. The versatile oil also has medicinal, pharmaceutical, industrial, and everyday primary uses. However, one of the most impressive and unexplored benefits of the oil is its ability to effectively treat your pet’s skin. Especially if your dog is suffering from irritated skin, fleas, and ticks, it also prevents cancerous growth on your pet’s skin. 

How Castor Oil is Beneficial for Dogs’ Skin

Dogs usually suffer from a variety of skin conditions. These include allergies of different types and extreme dryness condition because of harsh weather. Yes, your furry friends are not immune to the environment and need constant care. Castor oil plays a significant role in treating these skin problems caused by different reasons. This is due to the presence of undecylenic acid, found in high amounts in the castor oil. This nutrient helps treat and soothe the skin of the dogs.

Furthermore, undecylenic acid belongs to the category of unsaturated fatty acid, and hence, it provides healing properties. It also acts as an excellent option to deal with fungal infections and various other types of dogs’ skin irritation. Other than this, castor oil is an effective treatment for tumors and abnormal growth of skin in dogs as well. Depending on the tumor type, you may be able to resolve the issue by applying castor oil regularly for a few days.  

Additional Uses of Castor Oil for Dogs

How Castor Oil is Beneficial for Dogs' Skin2

Along with the function of castor oil to handle complicated skin conditions and abnormal skin growth in dogs, it has many additional uses, which include the following-

1. Helpful for Eye Cataracts

Castor oil helps treat eye cataracts in dogs as well. The oil helps clear and treat the oxidative damage caused by free radicals in the eyes efficiently. However, before you apply the oil to your dogs’ eyes, you should discuss it with your veterinary doctor. Depending on the severity of the problem or the doctor’s treatment, you should decide about the usage and dosage of castor oil. 

2. Natural Remedy to Treat Ear Infection

Based on antifungal, antibacterial, and anti-inflammatory properties, castor oil is useful as an effective natural remedy to treat ear infections in dogs. However, a few dogs or breeds may develop sensitivity towards the oil, which leads to allergic reactions. Hence, to stay safe, you should avail proper medical advice before applying castor oil inside or across the dogs’ ear. 

Castor oil is an excellent natural remedy to deal with varieties of health issues in dogs but you must not let them ingest the oil at any cost!


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