Homemade Window Cleaner With Jet Dry

This homemade window cleaner with jet dry will simplify your window cleaning chore and save up some time! Keep reading to know more.

Homemade Window Cleaner With Jet Dry1

Dirty windows can ruin the look and beauty of your home. However, the positive thing is that cleaning windows is an easy task and should be done regularly. Not only does it give a clean look to your home, but it also increases the overall appeal of your space. Follow this easy and quick homemade window cleaner with jet dry hack to simplify the window cleaning work.

You’ll Need


Step 1-Mix the Ingredients 

Before you start the cleaning process, you should take a bucket and mix all the ingredients. Use around two liters of warm water with 15 ml jet dry solution and enough soap that can help you clean the windows thoroughly. Ensure that the bucket is big enough to mix and hold each of the cleaning materials/ingredients well. 

Step 2-Whisk!

Whisk jet dry and the dishwashing soap gently into a bucket full of warm water.

Step 3-Hose down the Windows’ Dirt 

Removing excess dirt makes the cleaning process more manageable. It also helps you apply the cleaning solution better on the windows. Simply hose down the excess dust and dirt on the windows which you want to clean. This step is also essential before applying the cleaning solution as the dust and dirt can lead to severe scratches while you try to clean the windows. 

Step 4-Use a Mop or Microfiber Cloth to Apply the Cleaning Solution

Once you remove dirt and dust from the surface, use a mop or a microfiber cloth to apply the cleaning solution on the windows. However, keep in mind that the process is supposed to be gentle. Being aggressive while cleaning dirty or muddy glass surfaces can do more harm than good. Also, the solution effectively diffuses the lodged dirt and grime, so you don’t need to put much effort into it.

Step 5-Use a Combination of Vertical and Horizontal Strokes

An easy cleaning hack can help you have spotless cleaned windows without any water streaks. Pick and wash a particular side of the windows by applying horizontal strokes, while the other side by vertical strokes. This step helps you minimalize streaks or spots on the windows after and during the cleaning process. 

Step 6-Hose the Cleaned Windows Down

Finally, hose the cleaned windows down as fast as possible. Leaving soap or solution on glass for a long time can lead to marks. 

By completing each of the steps, you will find that the water simply skeets down the clean windows without leaving behind any marks or streaks on the surface. 

Homemade window cleaner with jet dry are extraordinarily useful and efficient. They also eliminate the need for professional cleaners to do the job. So, get a spotless shine on your windows with this jet dry cleaner. 


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