17 Homemade Hat Rack Ideas to Keep Them Organized

For all the hat lovers, here is the list of DIY homemade hat rack ideas to help you keep your hats organized. Next time you are in a hurry, you’ll know where your hat is!

Most of these homemade hat rack ideas are easy to make and require only basic DIY skills. We’ve provided the link for each idea to make it even easier.

1. DIY Hanging Copper Hat Rack

 1 Homemade Hat Rack Ideas

This cool copper organizer is a beautiful decorative accent for the walls and even helps you organize your clutter. Here’s the DIY!

2. DIY Hanging Hat Organizer

Homemade Hat Rack Ideas 2

If you want a fun DIY that lets you store and display your wide-rimmed hats, beautybitten has something for you.

3. DIY Industrial Hat Rack

Homemade Hat Rack Ideas 3

This industrial-themed hat rack has been made using vintage materials for a crafty addition to the room. Check out this DIY for details.

4. Baseball Hat Rack

Homemade Hat Rack Ideas 4

An upcycling DIY in our list of homemade hat rack ideas. This baseball-themed rack uses old baseball sticks cut into half and glued with pegs to support a long array of hats. Here is the detailed tutorial!

5. DIY Standing Hat Rack

Homemade Hat Rack Ideas 5

This little rack helps you dry out the snow from hats and gloves, helping you get the most out of your winter wear. Click here for the DIY!

6. Easy Bamboo Hat Rack

Homemade Hat Rack Ideas 6

Tie a few bamboo sticks splattered with contrasting paint colors, and you have a one-of-a-kind rack for your hats. Follow these simple steps to make it.

7. Pegboard Baseball Hat Rack

Homemade Hat Rack Ideas 7

This pegboard organizer is a must-have for every man who brags of a dizzying collection of baseball hats in their wardrobe. We got the inspiration from this post.

8. Pallet Hat Rack

Homemade Hat Rack Ideas 8

Painting individual pallets in different colors ensure you have a unique rack for each of your hats. Visit homedit for the detailed steps.

9. Designer Hat Rack

Homemade Hat Rack Ideas 9

Wooden knobs help offer a cute and colorful twist to this old tie rack which is transformed into a hat rack. Learn more on it here.

10. DIY Easy and Colorful Hat Rack

Homemade Hat Rack Ideas 10

Colorful and charming hat racks are for those who cherish their hat collection and want to showcase it to the world. The DIY is here.

11. Homemade Hat Rack Ideas – Over The Door Hat Rack

Homemade Hat Rack Ideas 11

This door hack is perfect for those who keep forgetting to wear their hats on the way out. The simple tutorial is here.

12. DIY Whitewashed Tree Branch Hat Rack

Homemade Hat Rack Ideas 12

Using a salvaged and refurbished branch to hold up a hat is an excellent way to retain its shape and put it on display. More details are available here.

13. DIY Dinosaur Hat Rack

Homemade Hat Rack Ideas 13

This quirky-looking stand has dinosaur pegs to reflect the geeky side of your personality. We were inspired by this post.

14. DIY Hat Rack With Rope And Hooks

Homemade Hat Rack Ideas 14

This DIY here shows you how to display your hats in the fanciest way possible using nothing but ropes and hooks.

15. Rustic Hat Rack

Homemade Hat Rack Ideas 15

Use an artsy piece of wood to showcase your hat collection on the wall. Get the idea from here.

16. Amazing Style Hat Rack

Homemade Hat Rack Ideas 16

Here’s an easy way to organize your hat collection and use up empty wall space in the process.

17. Wooden Hat Rack

Homemade Hat Rack Ideas 17

This wooden hat rack coated with a smoky black paint is a rustic addition to the living room. Follow the instructions here.


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