Homemade Cream With Emulsifying Wax

Emulsifying wax can increase the shelf life of homemade lotions and creams. Try making this homemade cream with emulsifying wax!

Homemade Cream With Emulsifying Wax1

An important ingredient in making cosmetic lotions and creams is emulsifying wax or e-wax. It is a combining agent that holds various components of the creams together.
Creams are made by mixing both hydrophobic and hydrophilic materials. Emulsifiers help bind these components easily and also makes the consistency of the cream thick.
The most commonly used emulsifier for homemade cosmetic products is the emulsifying wax NF. Read on to learn the benefits of emulsifying wax for in creams/lotions and a homemade cream recipe with emulsifying wax!

Benefits of emulsifying wax

1. Increases Shelf Life

You might have witnessed a stream of water or oil separated in your cream or lotion. As the properties of emulsifying wax prevent the oils and water present in lotions to split, the shelf life of these cosmetic products increases. This makes the lotion safe to use on the face as products with a shorter shelf life may harm your skin.

2. Easier Application

Easier Application

Emulsifying wax makes the cream smooth to apply on the face and makes it more absorbent. The e-wax also adds thickness to the product and makes the consistency ideal for application. It is thus an ideal addition to cosmetic products. The property also helps to lock the moisture in the skin after application.

3. Lessens brittleness of stick and cake products

Over a period of time, the lipid profile of cosmetics change. Emulsifying waxes adds strength to stick products such as lipsticks and prevents any change in their consistency. The e-wax also helps lessen the brittleness of lipsticks and compressed cake products in cosmetics, maintaining a satin finish.

4. Gentle On The skin

Gentle On Skin

Emulsifying wax is a naturally-derived product from fatty acids and is extremely gentle for the skin. Making it an exceptional ingredient for moisturizing creams and lotions for soft, supple skin.

5. Good For Oil Compositions

Emulsifying wax is excellent for skincare products as it combines various oil combinations with moisturizing base agents for creating thick luxurious creams. It can help you achieve a smooth powdery finish for the homemade cream or lotion. This helps in making the product non-greasy, even with the presence of oil in it.

Homemade Cream With Emulsifying Wax

Homemade Cream With Emulsifying Wax2


  1. 200 ml of purified water or tea-infused water (green tea)
  2. 20 grams of emulsifying wax (e-wax)
  3. 10 grams of beeswax beads
  4. 50 ml of coconut oil
  5. 2.5 ml vitamin E oil
  6. 1 ml of tea tree oil

As the cream is a water-based formula, you would need to add a preservative of choice to it. We suggest using Plantaserv M, also called preservative Eco. It is a combination of natural components such as Benzyl Alcohol, Salicylic Acid, Glycerin, and Sorbic Acid.


  1. Melt the beeswax, emulsifying wax and coconut oil in a double boiler over low heat. keep stirring in regular intervals.
  2. At the same time when the wax combination and oil are melting, heat up some water in a container. Make sure the water is hot but doesn’t reach the boiling point.
  3. Remove both from heat and keep them in the hot utensil. Set the hand mixer at low speed and slowly add the hot water to the hot wax and oil mixture whilst blending it.
  4. Gradually, increase the mixer’s speed. Don’t start with the blender setting at high. Since it can cause the hot mixture to steam and expand. This can lead to a mess in the kitchen or in severe cases, a burn hazard!
  5. The incorporated water and oil mix will go from thin consistency to thick, rich consistency with continuous blending. 

Note: You can also mix them with a whisk at home. Make sure to whisk vigorously and continuously for desired results. And mind the speed to avoid any potential harm.

6. Once you start noticing the change in texture (thin to a thick consistency), add the vitamin E oil, tea tree oil and preservative to the mixture. 

7. The end result should be a thick luxurious whipped cream with all components emulsified and ready to use.

8. Store in a clean mason jar and use every morning for the best results.

Enjoy this non-greasy face cream with a rich velvety texture and a long shelf life!


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