Health Benefits of Maize Silk | Why Take Maize Silk

There are many health benefits of maize silk that not everyone has knowledge about! Read this article to learn about maize silk in detail.

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What is Maize Silk?

Have you ever heard of corn silk or maize silk working as a medicine? There are tons of health benefits of maize silk but the first step is to understand what maize silk is. Maize silk is the long, silky threads that grow on the corncobs. These threads come with various medicinal applications and benefits. The yellow color weak fiber is generally inside the produce of the husk of the grass family plants. 


This beneficial ingredient has been around for centuries now and was used by traditional Chinese and Native Americans as a source of medicine. It is currently also being used in many countries like China, France, Turkey, and the United States of America. For centuries, it has been used to treat urinary infections or conditions. However, recently people have started taking maize silk as a contemporary remedy for various conditions.

Health Benefits of Maize Silk

Generally, for the environment, the fibers on the corncobs help with reducing pollution. Yes, believe it or not, maize silk can be your answer to reducing pollution! Maize silk or corn silk is also an answer to many ailments such as prostate problems, malaria, urinary tract infections, and heart diseases. 

These silky fibers also help reduce blood pressure levels, cholesterol, and blood sugar, and their anti-inflammatory properties make it healthy for everybody around the world. The maize silk threads are dried and then consumed in the form of tea or other extracts. You can also often pop it as a tablet or pill.

1. Full of Antioxidants

People who suffer from oxidative stress often experience severe health conditions such as diabetes, heart problems, cancer, and inflammation. Maize silk is a great source of antioxidants and, hence, helps keep one healthy.

2. Has Anti-inflammatory Properties

This plant fiber consists of magnesium, which helps in managing the inflammation in our bodies effectively.

3. Reduces Cholesterol and Manages Blood Sugar Levels

It also reduces cholesterol and encourages the reduction of excess fluid in our body, leading to managing the blood pressure levels and thereby, improving the overall health.

4. Treats Urinary or Bladder Infections

Along with treating kidney stones, natural fiber helps treat and cure urinary tract infections and other bladder-related issues. It is also a beneficial treatment for problems like bedwetting.

5. Aids Weight Loss

Maize silk water can help improve metabolism, therefore, helping weight loss as well. Maize silk tea in the morning can be the best solution in aiding weight loss. However, it would be best if you take this in moderation.

Side Effects of the Natural Fiber

Health Benefits of Maize Silk1

Although maize silk is known to provide tons of health benefits, certain side effects are related to consuming natural fiber, especially when taken in large doses. In large quantities, it can end up cutting down the potassium levels in the body.

Some people can also have an allergic reaction to maize. So, it is always better to consult your doctor before incorporating it into your diet. Additionally, pregnant or breastfeeding women should take it in minimal quantities, that too under their respective doctors’ supervision. An overdose of it can overstimulate the uterus and end up causing miscarriages.

People who suffer from comorbidities such as diabetes and low blood pressure should also consume maize silk in standard amounts to avoid the further downfall of these medical conditions. People taking the following medications should avoid the consumption of maize silk:

  • blood pressure drugs
  • diabetes medicine
  • blood thinners


The dosage of maize silk varies from person to person. Therefore, you should discuss it with your doctor to understand the dosage you may require for the health condition you plan to aim.

How to Take

Maize Silk Tea

Add some dried cornsilk to a cup of boiling water. Cover the mix and steep it for fifteen minutes. This will allow the release of maize silk’s nutrients in the water.

You can also find or make maize silk tinctures or have them in the form of a capsule.


Maize silk is a natural fiber that provides a plethora of health-ailing benefits and is safe for most people. Still, it would be best to consult the doctor before making it a daily part of your life. 


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