40 DIY Handmade Jewelry Ideas | Jewelry Making Ideas

Handmade jewelry ideas that you’ll love to try. These are the best jewelry making ideas we’ve collected from all over the web.

1.Own Macrame Bracelet

String macrame cords through the holes of stamping blanks and follow the details of braiding here.

2. DIY Fruit Earrings

Wear your customized fruit earring on your next big occasion with this idea. You need some colored bead heads, jewelry glue, wooden beads, twine, and fishhook earring wires.

3. DIY Tassel Earrings

These earrings come under the boldest and pretty handmade jewelry ideas, which are created using some basic supplies around your home. Learn the steps and supplies list here.

4. T-Shirt Bracelets

Upcycle old t-shirt/shirts from your wardrobe to create this homemade nautical necklace jewelry. Click here to see the tutorial.

5. DIY Painted Leather Bracelets

Craft painted bracelets out of leather or good quality faux leather in just four steps. A Beautiful Mess has the tutorial in brief.

6. Rose Gold Necklace

Slide a black ribbon into mini copper tubes and finish it off by knotting the two ends of the ribbon together. We found the idea here.

7. DIY Neon Necklace

If you have a rhinestone necklace in your jewelry box, convert it into a neon necklace as in the picture. You need to paint the ornament with some neon spray paint.

8. Designer Inspired Cuff Bracelet

Transform an empty tin can into a designer cuff bracelet by using duct tape, paper, nail polish, felt, and adhesive. Follow the instructions at Dollar Store Craft.

9. DIY Wood Bead Tassel Necklace

All you need is some embroidery floss, wood beads, nylon cord, jump rings, paint and brushes, washi tape, and a few other supplies to recreate this necklace on your own.

10. Tassel Double Ring Necklace

Rotate colorful ropes alternatively to two rings and secure them using tape, then attach them with a jump ring. Get this inexpensive and easy DIY here.

11. Clay Triangle Trio Gold Necklace

Roll and shape an oven bake clay into triangles in descending shapes to recreate this jewelry DIY. Visit here.

12. DIY Woven Chain Bracelet

Weave embroidery threads around a link bracelet with the help of bobby pins and a pair of scissors. You can visit Honestly WTF for the in-depth tutorial.

14. DIY Silver Bugle Geometric Necklace

Arrange silver bugle beads in imperfect geometric shapes using jump rings, necklace chains, and hooks. Feel inspired here.

15. DIY Heart Shaped Rings

At first, these rings might seem tricky and challenging to make, but it isn’t. With the right supplies, this DIY ring is very easy to make and can act as a drawer pulls if not jewelry.

16. Stunning Tribal Necklace

Tribal necklaces go well with ethnic or modern clothing without adding too much of bling to your look. If you love to keep your style simple and bold, visit here.

17. DIY Swing Earrings

DIY this stylish and attractive jewelry in no time by signing up for jewelry tutorials on We Make Collective. If you’re already a member, sign in to search and proceed with the instructions.

18. DIY Perler Bead Statement Earrings

Employ Perler beads, iron, parchment paper, earring backs, and chain, and a thick needle to design such ear ornament. Following the same steps, you can create a stock full of crazy earrings!

19. DIY Leather Arrow Bracelet

Leather bracelets can add a heavy charm to your personality, especially if your love for leather materials is never-ending. You can click here to see the full tutorial.

20. DIY Wrapped And Knotted Cord Bracelet

If you’re looking for a jewelry DIY that’s not too hard and yet looks sassy, this is probably the one for you. Look here.

21. DIY Shrinky Dink Necklace

How about designing an elegant necklace just by using shrinkable plastics, chain, and jump rings? The fun part is that it will look amazing with any outfit you wish to carry.

22. Shiny Statement Rings

Glam up your fingers by wearing one of these glittery rings made using glitter and ring pads. Mix some glitter in glue and transfer the mix onto ring pad, that’s it! Buzzfeed has the tutorial with an additional bonus DIY.

23. Hex Nut Bracelet

Braid a suede lace into a regular braid and after every continuous strand, slide a hex nut on top of the strand until you reach the desired length. Get it at Yesmissy.

24. Tiny Tassel Bracelet DIY

Tassel being a universal ornament is accepted all around the world, and so you can DIY this bracelet without considering the fashion in your region. It’s interesting how this tassel bracelet looks when done that too without many efforts.

25. Lovely Wire Knot Ring

Surprise your better half with this wire knot ring on a romantic date or any special occasion for you two! Twist a gauge wire with nail pliers by following the easy tutorial here.

26. DIY Wood Burned Earrings

If you’re in a jewelry-making mood, hop on to Positively Splendid to get the steps on this project. Use a woodburning craft tool to carve out details on your earrings.

27. Crochet Fringe Statement Earrings

Crochet fringe earrings in a variety of color schemes by following the pattern available at Consumer Crafts Blog. You’ll love to wear these vibrant earrings on your next grand party!

28. DIY Bead Necklace Using Nail Polish

Coat a shining layer of your nail polish onto wooden beads and arrange them in a silk cord. More information at A Pretty Fix.

29. DIY Oil Diffuser Bracelet

What if we tell you that this DIY bracelet is not just a piece of jewelry but an essential oil diffuser too? Surprising, isn’t it? Access the tutorial here.

30. Easy Wire Hairpins

When it comes to hairpins, women usually don’t get a wide variety in the market. Instead, employ some bobby pins and jewelry wire and create the right design you want as your hairpin. The idea is here.

31. DIY Washer Necklace

Paint ten washers with a fine coating of nail polish and arrange them in a chain using jump rings. An inexpensive yet mesmerizing jewelry craft.

32. The Beaded Fringe Necklace

Insert beads into a series of headpins to DIY a personalized necklace like the one in the picture above. For the detailed tutorial, visit A Common Thread.

33. Painted Bobby Pin Earrings

Pair up these earrings with the custom necklace in the previous point; they would look great together. They are just bobby pins colored in the same sequence and attached to an earring hook.

34. DIY Neon Pyramid Necklace

Bend and shape straws in the shape of triangles and attach the colored paper to it using glue. Creme De La Craft has the tutorial.

35. Boys’ Hardware Accessories

Employ some necessary hardware from your garage to DIY a bracelet, belt, and a necklace for your little boys. Get all the three handmade jewelry ideas at House Of Joyful Noise.

36. Round Fabric Pinwheel Necklace

Not just on walls or table, pinwheels like these will look good as your neckpiece too. While usually, pinwheels are made out of paper, these are created using textured fabrics.

37. DIY Colorblock Bangle

Makeover an old bangle into a color block one by wrapping it with embroidery thread of your choice. Everything in detail is available at Lovely Indeed.

38. DIY Neck Candy Necklace

Probably one of the easiest handmade jewelry ideas! You need a necklace chain, Fimo effects block, scalpel, cutting mat, skewer, tape, and gold spray paint. The tutorial is available at The Lovely Drawer.

39. Crystal Beaded Flower Necklace for Spring

Embellish your neck with this beaded necklace, which you can easily create at home with some readily available supplies. It might take some time, but it’s worth it.

40. DIY Mixed Media Earrings

Wear these statement earrings to your next big party by modeling it out of polymer clay. You need thread, rolling pin, pom poms, beads, and more supplies mentioned here.


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