5 Easy Steps On How to Get Rid Of Mice with Kitty Litter

Mice infestation can be hazardous to you and your family’s health. Follow this easy guide on how to get rid of mice with kitty litter to overcome the problem.

How to Get Rid Of Mice with Kitty Litter1

Mice generally appear to be harmless and we often relate these creatures with fairytales and Disney. However, the fact is that they cause many damages to your home, spread germs, and can be a cause of severe health issues.

Common Health Hazards from Mice

Mice and rats cause plenty of health hazards. We have listed just a few of them for you to get the bigger picture and why you need to get rid of mice as soon as possible!

1. Can be a Cause of Sickness

Mice and rats spread many deadly diseases, like salmonellosis, Hantavirus, and listeria from their urine, saliva, poops, droppings, and other nesting materials. You can unknowingly touch surfaces soiled with these, especially the urine and saliva. The smell of these secretions can also lead to severe health issues.

2. Mice Multiply at a Fast Rate

Mice can breed for the whole year, as a single female rat can give birth to about 6 to 8 mice. Moreover, six mice may multiply to 60 mice, even within only three months. At that pace or rate, you would be living in a severely infested environment in no time!

3. Mice Can Spread Disease from Food

How to Get Rid Of Mice with Kitty Litter2

We know that mice eat almost everything they can find, especially cereals and grains. However, if they gain access to other food items in your pantry, they won’t leave it. They can even leave their dropping and feces in the food box they eat from, apart from the surroundings. These food tasting or visiting sessions by mice in your pantry can lead to infections and diseases that can affect your internal system and health.

How to Get Rid Of Mice?

For a long time, we have heard a famous sentence or phrase by everyone i.e., cats and mice are enemies by birth. In this situation, if you are looking for smart ways to get rid of mice and other similar types of rodents from your home, you should go with kitty litter. Once the mice sniff the smell of cats or kitten’s waste, they run away from your domestic unit at God-speed.

What is a Kitty Litter Box?

Litter Box

A kitty litter box or cat litter box is a box used for collecting indoor urine and feces of cats or kittens, which instinctively or via training use a repository. The best thing is that you may easily create a litter box at home, as you only need a plastic tray and a small box.

How To Get Rid of Mice With Kitty Litter

To start the process of preventing the entry of mice with a cat litter box, you have to follow a few easy steps. These include the following-

Step 1-Fill the Trays

You should start the process by filling each of the plastic trays with some cat/kitten feces or urine i.e., litters. If you don’t have a cat or kitten at home, ask for help from your nearby animal shelters.

Step 2-Analyze the Entrance Points of Mice and Rodents

You should analyze various entrance points from where rodents and mice usually enter your home. Besides, it would help if you look for other places in your home where mice or rats come frequently. These are the places where these litter boxes should be put.

Step 3-Place the Trays at Appropriate Entrance Points

How to Get Rid Of Mice with Kitty Litter3

Once you are done with the analysis part, you have to place the plastic trays filled with kitten litters at the respective points or near them.

Step 4-Wait

Then, wait for the rats and mice to arrive and sniff the boxes. Interestingly, mice fail to withstand the smell of cat litters, and hence, they leave the place immediately.

Step 5-Repeat the Process

You should repeat the mentioned steps until you are sure your house is free from mouse, rat, or rodents.

The entry of mice, rats, and rodents bring tons of health issues to the home and can be hazardous, especially for people who are already suffering from an ongoing health concern or have a weak immunity system. They are also a cause of concern for homes with older adults and minors as they can pose severe health concerns for both age groups. However, you can easily avoid such adverse situations by placing kitty litters at specific points and getting rid of mice quickly and within a small period.


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