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Learn simple tricks and hacks on how to get makeup out of carpet and other removal hacks based on different makeup products.

How to Get Makeup Out of Carpet1

Running out of time or rushing for an event can often lead to makeup misfortunes. You can’t cry over something that is already lost. However, you can clean up the mess with these simple methods to save your carpets.

Before you begin, do remember to always check the instructions given with or on the carpet label. It is always better to apply any cleaning agent or solvents on a discrete area of the carpet first and check whether there is any adverse effect, especially if you have a natural wool carpet.

How to Get Makeup Out Of Carpet

Eye shadow/Blush/Foundation Fallout

Eye shadow/Blush/Foundation Fallout

1. Absorbent Paper or Cloth

For the powdery foundation stain, quickly pick a non-absorbent kitchen paper to dab up the excess gently. This will stop the stain from spreading further. Avoid rubbing as that will push the makeup and make it go deeper into the carpet fibers. Once you are done handling the extras, blot off the residues with a dry cloth or an absorbent paper.

2. Damp Microfiber Cloth Soaked in Lukewarm Water

Get a cup full of lukewarm water and soak a microfibre cloth in it. Squeeze out the extra water from the fabric and then dab on the foundation-stained area. If you use liquid foundation, this method will help absorb more of the stain.

Put a small amount of the lukewarm water onto the stained area so that some of your foundations can get dissolved. Continue dabbing with a plain cloth until you remove as much as possible.

3. Potato or Corn Starch

How to Get Makeup Out of Carpet2

If the stain still persists, go for this homemade recipe to make it vanish. Drizzle a layer of potato starch or corn starch over the affected area and let it sit overnight. The next morning, vacuum the starch away. The method will also remove the stain with the cornstarch.

You can also leave it to dry for a minimum of two hours in case of emergencies. But the more you let the starch sit and absorb the stain’s oily residues, the better result you will get. Time is indeed a beautiful healer in this hack!

4. Mild Liquid Laundry Detergent

The crumbly texture of eye shadow or blush tends to get all smudged up wherever they are spilled. Use a spoon or the edge of a knife to remove the extras from the carpet first. Add a few drops of your regular laundry detergent to around 250ml of cold water. Dip a plain cloth into the solution, wring out the extra water and make it your damp stain-removing tool. Now gently blot on the affected area. Continue the process until there is no color left to absorb. Remember – only blotting, no rubbing!

5. Hydrogen Peroxide

For the oil-based tough stains, apply a few drops of household hydrogen peroxide onto the stain. Ensure that this diluted cleaning agent has no more than 3% strength and apply it specifically to the stained area, not on other surroundings of the carpet. Leave the solvent to soak the stain for at least one minute and then gently press it upward from the carpet fibers with the help of a clean cloth. Let the area air dry for some time and then vacuum to restore the carpet’s original appearance. For the woolen carpets, it is better not to use this hack.

Eyeliner & Mascara Smudges on the carpet

Eyeliner & Mascara Smudges on the carpet

That thick, jet black, gloopy thing smudged over a carpet can give a nightmare to anyone. Here are the hacks to get rid of those ugly stains.

1. Dish-washing liquid

Make a solution of around 500ml cold water and one tablespoon of dishwashing liquid. Dip a dry, plain cloth into it, wring out excess and dab on the stain gently. Repeat this method until no more color is left in the area. Take a second clean cloth, soak a little amount of water, and remove all soapy residues from the stain. Now take another dry cloth and blot the area to soak the moisture thoroughly. Leave it to air dry and then vacuum to restore the carpet’s original texture.

Lasting Lip Stains

Your favorite lipstick can also roll off the table and land on the floor or onto the carpet. Here is what you can do to treat those lip-stains on the rug.

1. White Vinegar

How to Get Makeup Out of Carpet3

Remember the spoon of knife you used to remove excess powdery cosmetics off the carpet? Put them into use yet again. Follow the same method to scrape away any extra material gently.

Now drop 1/4 teaspoon of white distilled vinegar into 1 cup of lukewarm water. Stir it well and sprinkle over the affected area. Let the acid sit in vinegar, soak and break down the creamy base of the stain. Dip a plain cloth into the solution, blot with the dampen cloth, and continue until the stain disappears.

Take a fresh cloth and blot again to rinse the area. Let it air dry and vacuum to restore the usual fiber condition of the carpet.

2. Rubbing Alcohol or Paint Remover

Scoop the excess, add some rubbing alcohol or paint remover to a plain cloth, squeeze the extra amount, and dab slowly yet firmly on the stained area. Once the color has come out and nothing is left on the area, rinse it with a detergent and water mixture. Air dry and vacuum!

Nail Polish Woes

Nail Polish Woes

Well, last but not least, spilling some of your nail polish on your favorite rug is a normal mishap. To prevent it, be a little more careful next time. To remove the stain, follow the method below.

1. Pure Acetone Nail Polish Remover

Nothing can come as handy as a pure acetone nail polish remover to get rid of that extra tinge outside of your nail, be it on the skin or the carpet. Apply some of it lightly to a clean cloth. Dab gently on the stain until the paint comes off. Once done, don’t forget to remove the residues of acetone. Not only it works wonderfully to dissolve nail paint and make the nail polish thinner, but it also does the same to the backing adhesive of the carpet fibers.

Therefore, rinsing off the remaining acetone is very important. Quickly dip a fresh cloth into lukewarm water mixed with 1/4th teaspoon of dishwashing detergent and clean thoroughly. 

These how to get makeup out of carpet processes are not hassle-free but truly easy to follow. Now that you are all equipped with the required tips and tricks, we will leave you with the stain for some hands-on action. Good luck!

If you don’t already have the supplies needed to get makeup out of carpet, here are our top picks:


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