27 Genius Mason Jar Hacks You’ll Love to Try

Mason jars are something that is easily available in our home. Not only they are attractive but functional too. We all have many used and even unused mason jars at home, here are some interesting and creative hacks you can try with mason jars.

1. Mason Jar Tissue Holder 

This super cute Mason Jar Tissue Holder can be customized to according to your home decor. The best thing is that it’s easy to make and is functional too. Check out the tutorial here.

2. Snowy Mason Jar 

These snow-covered mason luminaries are not just a great idea for room-decor but will also be helpful if you wish to surprise your friends with something original and handmade. Like many other Mason jar hack, it is easy to create as well.

3. Herb Candles

Mason jars can be used to create candles using herbs and olive oil. These herb candles have a strong aroma of herbs and help to keep away mosquitoes.  Rosemary looks great in these candles, but lavender and thyme can be used too. Check out the tutorial here.

4. Mason Jar Lunchable

Do you have an unused mason jar and an applesauce container? If yes, then you can make a very functional, easy Lunchable at home. It is a great idea if you have a small school going kids as it is cheaper than any store-bought Lunchables and of course healthier than them.

5. Children’s craft storage

Children often don’t put their things in the right place, making their room quite unhygienic and unpleasant. This DIY craft storage Mason jar hack helps you to keep their things organized. And the interesting fact is that this DIY is quite simple and even your kids can easily make it. Check out the tutorial here.

6. Mason jar snow globe

Snow globes are something that everyone likes. Surprisingly it can be made with just a mason jar and some glitter. You can use it as room decor to grab the attention of your guests. To make it catchier, add some miniature ships or dolls. Check out the tutorial here.

7. Mason jar terrarium

A terrarium is a sealed transparent container in which plants are grown. And when it comes to a transparent container, Mason jar fits the word perfectly. Here’s how to create a terrarium for your home in simple and easy steps.

8. Mason jar luminaries

Luminaries not just emit light but also look beautiful. They look even more beautiful inside mason jars. You can use it as night lamps, and it also works great as room décor during the night. Check out the tutorial here.

9. Mason jar soap dispenser

Yes, you read it right. You can create your own customized soap dispenser at home in easy steps. Here’s how to make it.

10.Mason blending jar

Replace your old busted blending jar with new at home. Take a small mouth mason jar and attach the blending blades to the inside of the cap. Check the DIY here.

11. Match holder

Handling matchsticks with care is a difficult task. You can organize your matchsticks in a mason jar. All you need to do is take the top out of the lid and replace it with sandpaper. Check out the tutorial here.

12. Painted Vases

This mason jar hack is among the simplest hacks. All you need to do is paint different sized mason jars with acrylic paint and your vases are ready to be decorated in your room.

13. Update a wall sconce

Bored with your old wall sconce? Well, you can replace it with a mason jar and make it more interesting. Even if your mason jar doesn’t fix directly, you can use screws to tighten it. Check out the tutorial here.

14. Wall hung bathroom storage

This DIY mason jar bathroom container helps you to keep your bathroom organized and is functional in many ways.

15. Wall planters

Indoor plants are good for health, and they look beautiful too. Mason jar and plants are a great combination if you love container gardening. See the tutorial here.

16. Hot glue gun labels

Label your mason jars by using a hot glue gun. This DIY is one of the easiest mason jar hacks which you can try making. Labeling adds a beautiful touch to the mason jar. Check out the tutorial here.

17. Table Lamp

Make your customized table lamp for your study table or they will look great in your kitchen too. Check out the tutorial here.

18. Air Freshener

Just by poking some holes in the mason jar and adding baking soda and essential oil to it, you can make your own air freshener at home. Check out the tutorial here.

19. Ice cream kit

Summer is near and the urge to have ice cream increases as the temperature rises. This hack allows you to make a handy ice cream kit and so serve yourself with something cold when and wherever needed in this hot weather.

20. Love Surprise

You can use a mason jar to make a cute love surprise for your beloved. From filling sugar berries to filling cards inside the mason jar, everything can make your beloved feel special. See more here.

21. Memory Jar Photo Frame

If you are bored with the old 4*6 photo frames, this DIY is for you. Try making this idea and you will have a very new place for your photos to show up. Check the tutorial here.

22. Mason jar salt and pepper shakers

Salt and peppers are some of the necessities required for every household. Make this DIY easily at home with Mason jars and a few basic supplies.

23. Minion jar

If you love minions, you’ll totally love this DIY. Just a mason jar and few googly eyes can get you your own minion mason jar. Visit DIYInspired to read more.

24. Superhero Banks

Get your kids the habit of savings. Try this amazing DIY along with your kids and create your personalized superhero banks with mason jars.

25. Sushi in a Jar

Fish is an ever-wanted food item that we all love. Create an easy fish recipe in a mason jar without incurring the hiked prices of sushi. Check out the tutorial here.

26. Mason Jar Gardening

Gardening is a way to show your love towards nature and its beauty. The use of mason jars in your garden makes gardening even more exciting and creative. Visit BalconyGardenWeb to read more.

27. Glitter Mason Jar

The shine of Glitters often tends to attract lots of eyes towards it. You can make your mason jar catchier by coating it with some glue and glitter and use it to organize your pens or cosmetics. Visit YouTube to see the tutorial.


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