Feng Shui Wealth Corner Ideas | Feng Shui Wealth Corner Tips

Read this article to know some feng shui wealth corner ideas and tips that can help you incorporate this Chinese tradition in your home.

Feng shui is a traditional Chinese practice followed since ancient times for attracting good health, wealth, and nurturing positive energy. Feng shui translates to the words “wind” and “water” and works on the principle of how human life is connected and flowing within the environment surrounding them. It works by giving attention to the minutest details in your house regarding the placement and organization of objects to let the energy flow freely and attract positive vibes in the household. Learn from these feng shui wealth corner ideas to incorporate the tradition in your home.

As feng shui has now gained popularity all over the world, people have started focusing on how they can utilize this practice for attracting wealth. The right energy, inviting abundance, and prosperity can help in keeping fortune in the family.

What is a Wealth Corner?

Feng shui follows an energy map also known as the Bagua, which has 8 elements related to different circumstances of life along with the associated directions, elements, colors, shapes, and seasons. On this energy map, a wealth corner is marked in the southeast direction and is associated with the element wood. Similarly, other aspects of life such as career and knowledge are also related to wealth and are associated with the elements water and earth respectively. According to feng shui, keeping these three elements in the right manner in the house can attract money and abundance.

Feng Shui Wealth Corner Ideas

1. Add Wooden Elements

Decorate your southeast corner with wooden furniture or add some wooden elements such as wooden decorative objects. Wooden objects are an integral part of the feng shui wealth corner that can invite wealth and prosperity to your life.

2. Place a Water Element

Feng Shui Wealth Corner Ideas2

It could be an aquarium, a small fish tank, a water fountain, with water flowing towards the room. If you do not want to have a fountain, keeping images of water flowing or lush green forests also helps.

3. Decorate with Chinese Elements of Wealth

China has various objects which they associate with bringing wealth and abundance, such as a wealth ship, a set of Chinese coins connected via red ribbon, a laughing buddha. Decorate the corner with these elements while making sure you do not clutter it much.

4. Plants

Instead of a man-made wooden element, you can use plants as well. Nature is the ultimate manifestation of all three elements of earth wood and water. It also brings a vibrant energy to the house and purifies the air while creating a positive outlook. However, make sure you do not have a plant with pointed leaves.

You can grow lucky bamboo, jade plant, money plant, and peace lily.

5. Colors

Decorate your room with the colors linked to the wood, earth, and water element. These colors can be any shade of green, yellow, brown, purple, and black.

6. Crystals

Placing crystals in the wealth corner or near the windows can captivate positive energy in the house, representing it from deep within the earth. Citrine crystals are the most recommended as the yellow tone is good for wealth. You can use quartz crystals as well.

If you do not have space for these elements, hanging pictures representing the wood, water, and earth element can also attract positive vibes. Images of forests, water flowing, mountains all represent the vast and magnificent Earth elements, which enhances the wealth corner of your house.

General Tips to Follow for Abundance

1. Keep the Area Clutter-Free

Any obstruction can affect the flow of energy according to Fengshui and hence it is important to keep it clean and tidy. Do not overwhelm the corner with multiple objects, rather, keep it minimal and clean.

2. Light Up the Area

Keeping the corner energized is an important aspect of any feng shui remedy. You can add lamps or ceiling lightings to keep it full of energy.

3. Work Facing the South-East Direction

If you are giving an interview, making a business deal, or just working from home, facing the southeast direction can align the energy to bring positive outcomes.

4. Keep the Rooms Fresh and Breezy

You can use pleasant scents and aroma to keep the energy of the room high-spirited. Fresh flowers, essential oil diffusers all contribute to bringing a lively vibe to the house.

5. Get Rid of Broken Things

An important aspect of feng shui is to get rid of things that might be taking away or affecting the energy of the home in a negative way. Broken things suck the energy of the house preventing it to flow easily. Therefore, get rid of all the broken things in your house and replace them with new and eco-friendly items.


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