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Incorporate these Feng Shui meditation room ideas to bring positivity and upgrade your productivity at home! Feng Shui is great for bringing health and wealth to your life.

Feng Shui Meditation Room Ideas1

Calming your mind is extremely difficult in this hustle of the world that we live in. Meditation is one of the ways that teach you to calm your mind, clear your thoughts and just focus on your breath. Decluttering your mind of all the work, worries, thoughts, or even when it will get over can be a bit difficult to achieve if you are doing it in a space that is filled with clutter.

Feng shui is a traditional Chinese practice that focuses on creating an aura of energy in the house which attracts positivity in your life. Integrating this practice in your house with what you want to achieve in your mind through meditation can maximize tranquility. Take some tips from Fengshui to create a meditation room for yourself and optimize the flow of energy. Below are some feng shui meditation room ideas that you can inherit to bring peace and positivity to your home.

Feng Shui Meditation Room Ideas

1. Keep The Room Clutter-Free

Removing all the untidiness from the house is one of the most important principles of Fengshui. If anything is obstructing the flow of energy of the house, it needs to go. The same principle is important for your meditation room. Keep all the rooms, especially the most productive rooms, free from any clutter to avoid negativity. Such a room might include the room you work or study in, your kid’s nursery, your kitchen, etc. Vaccum space regularly and don’t let dust and dirt block the path of positivity.

2. Find an Optimum Room for Meditation

Feng Shui Meditation Room Ideas2

Take help from Feng Shui to choose a place/direction you want to face during your meditation. If you look at a Bagua map, it marks each corner with a specific energy. Areas with an emphasis on knowledge and creativity are good spaces for meditation. According to it, knowledge is marked in the Northeast direction and is associated with the element Earth and the color blue. Similarly, creativity is in the West direction, associated with the element Metal and the color white.

3. Decoration

When you are finding pieces of decoration, try to maintain a balance in the five elements of Feng shui. These elements are fire, earth, water, metal, and wood. Add a few decoration pieces for each element without overdoing anything. For example, you can have an indoor plant, representing wood. Similarly, candles represent fire, water fountains or mirrors represent the element of water, and having pictures of landscapes can help connect to Earth. For metal, you can keep calming objects made of gold, aluminum, or silver. All these things will further bring positivity to your room while also making it pleasing to the eyes.

4. Sitting Space

Feng Shui Meditation Room Ideas3
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Where you sit, the altar is the most important element of the whole meditation room. There are a few feng shui rules which can help you in creating a peaceful environment. Face an altar that has an element of focus, such as a figure of Buddha or any statue with which you can connect with. Keeping incense sticks, candles for a little aromatherapy can help in increasing the serenity of the place. However, opt for natural incense sticks as the smoke from the sticks for a prolonged time can lead to cancer and respiratory problems. Instead of using incense sticks, you can use essential oil diffusers with your favorite essential oil. It is important to remember not to overcrowd it. This altar should be in a comfortable viewing height and should not be near/below your feet.

Remember this room is where you are coming to connect with yourself. Make it comfortable, serene in a way that you feel most associated with. These feng shui principles can guide you in the best way possible and help you embark on a zone filled with positive energy. We hope you liked these feng shui meditation room ideas and you will incorporate this technique to bring positivity and good health to your home in tough times like these.


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