Essential Oil Bottle Display | Essential Oil Display Shelf

Check out these essential oil bottle display ideas to organize your scented bottles in one place and get easy access to them. You can create or buy a shelf, it’s your choice.

DIY Essential Oil Bottle Display

1. Rustic Display Shelf

An easy and creative DIY project to make your own rustic shelf, to store your growing essential oil collection. It can fit into any wall in your house, and you can easily paint it in a rustic texture using a cloth and some paint.

2. Multipurpose Essential Oil Shelf

This tutorial shows a detailed process on how you can create a large essential oil shelf that can be used to keep not just the little essential oil bottles but the bigger ones too. It involves the use of extensive tools, but the result can help clean up the space and showcase them better.

3. Unique Essential Oil Display Shelf

This tutorial shows a creative way of displaying your essential oil collection. It explains how you can create a hexagonal shelf with a unique pattern for showing off your essential oil collection.

4. DIY Essential Oil Cabinet

Keep your essential oils safe using this DIY cabinet. The rustic texture enhances the appeal of the essential oil collection. It is comparatively smaller in size and hence, you can attach it anywhere.

5. Wall-Size Essential Oil Display Shelf

Essential Oil Bottle Display1

If you have a large collection of essential oils and other associated items, then you can take inspiration from this to make a wall-size display shelf. It can run along with the corners and gives a huge amount of space for storing and displaying your collection. You can even put indoor plants and some decorative items to make it look better.

6. Essential Oil Display

If you are concerned that your essential oils might fall off the display shelf then this tutorial is for you. It carves out circular sections in the board to fit in the bottles, thereby preventing them from falling out.

7. DIY Hanging Essential Oil Shelf

A small DIY essential oil shelf with multiple boards is a great idea if you are trying to fit your essential oils in little wall space. You can hang this shelf on a wall without consuming much space.

Essential Oil Bottle Display To Buy From Amazon

If you’re not a DIYer and would rather buy a shelf than create one, you can refer to the following suggestions and choose the best fit for you.

1. Rotating Essential Oil Shelf

This DIY rotator shelf can come in handy for people who have an aromatherapy space with a table to set this shelf on. The shelf rotates 360° and has a three-tier storage possibility.

2. Essential Oil Wall-Mounted Shelf

Install this wall-mounted shelf rack for displaying your essential oils collection without consuming too much space in your home. The installation for this product is easy and it is made of solid wood that rules out wear and tear for a long time.

3. Essential Oils Storage Rack

This three-tier essential oil rack can also be used as a nail polish organizer whenever you run out of essential oils. It comes in a compact size, which solves the issue of taking up too much space.

4. Crescent Moon Shelf

If you’re bored with the regular square and rectangular shelves, you can buy this crescent moon-shaped storage shelf for essential oils. Apart from organizing your essential oils, this shelf will bring a decent look to your wall as well.

5. Basic Essential Oil Display

If you’re looking for a simple and rustic essential oil display shelf, your quest ends here. This organizer is as simple as it could be with enough storage capacity for storing multiple essential oil bottles.


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