26 Easy DIY Candles You Can Easily Make | Making Homemade Candles

These easy DIY candles are a cheap way to personalize your home decor. Making homemade candles is a fun activity you can do with kids in a bit of time and easily available supplies!

1. DIY Lemon Beeswax Candle

Easy DIY Candles 1

Process a beeswax candle by merely melting the beeswax pellets and pouring the melted wax into the mold. For a little added fragrance, you can add a few drops of lemon essential oil.

2. DIY Handmade Shell Candles

Easy DIY Candles 2

Secure a wick at the bottom of a seashell and pour the melted wax into the shell, a little lower than the top. Try to use deeper shells for this DIY as it can give a longer light time to you!

3. Lavender Rosemary Wax Melts

Easy DIY Candles 3

Add dried rosemary and lavender to melted wax and allow it to take shape. Before the wax hardens, add a few drops of rosemary and lavender essential oils. Visit here.

4. Geometric Candles

Easy DIY Candles 4

Create these geometric and colorful candles using mold out of paper and candle blocks. Check out the recipe here.

5. Homemade Candles The Easy Way

Easy DIY Candles 5

This candle making DIY is one of the basic homemade candle recipes in which you melt the wax and pour it in the holder. To add a combination of fragrances, use essential oils.

6. Chai Tea Latte Candle

Easy DIY Candles 6

Use colored wax dyes to get the right chai color and whisked melted wax to form the cream over the candle. Find this unique homemade candle here.

7. Vintage Tin Candles

Easy DIY Candles 7

If you have some vintage tin cans by your side, you certainly want them to put into use with this idea. Just position the wick into the can and add the melted wax, that’s it!

8. DIY Pokeball Candle

If your craze for Pokemon is exceptionally extreme, this DIY is sure to please you at heart. Find the right size round glass container and follow the steps in the video above.

9. DIY Washi Tape Tea Light Favors

Easy DIY Candles 9

For these pretty candles, wrap tealights with different colorful washi tapes; that’s all! We found the idea here.

10. Vintage Teacup Candles

Easy DIY Candles 10

Make use of some spare teacups by converting them into this candle using candle wax, wick, and a hot glue gun. Learn the tutorial here.

11. DIY Sea Glass Candle

Easy DIY Candles 11

Put a tea light glass inside a mason jar and fill the space between them with small pieces of sea glasses. The idea courtesy is on Lovely Greens.

12. Easy DIY Candles – Citronella Candles

Easy DIY Candles 12

Citronella candles are not only good for decoration, but they protect you from mosquitoes as well. You’ll need cans, a double boiler, wax, citronella oil, wick, scents, and this tutorial.

13. Wood Wick Soy Candle

Easy DIY Candles 13

Add a wooden wick to the center of a tumbler glass and add melted wax and fragrance after that. Coco Kelley has the tutorial.

14. DIY French Vanilla Candles

Easy DIY Candles 14

Let your homemade DIY candle give out a chocolaty and nostalgic smell through coffee and vanilla beans. The tutorial is on Hello Glow.

15. DIY Terracotta Votives

Easy DIY Candles 15

You can use multiple containers to DIY a homemade candle and so you can use a mini terracotta pot. Insert a wick and pour the melted wax, that’s it.

16. DIY Party Animal Candles

Easy DIY Candles 16

Spray paint plastic animals and candle holders to recreate a few such DIY party candles. They are a fun way to keep your kids indulged.

17. Poured Glitter Tin Candles

Easy DIY Candles 17

DIY these glittery candles in metal tins with wax flakes, wicks, glitter, sticks, pouring pots, and tins. Learn the steps here.

18. Use Crayons To Create Color Block Candles

Easy DIY Candles 18

Have fun making these color block DIY candles out of different shades of crayons! Find out the details at Brit.

19. Altoids Tin Candle

Easy DIY Candles 20

Look how Jillee used a mini tin can to DIY emergency kits out of it, one of which is an emergency candle. Some melted wax and wicks are all you need.

20. Beach Sand Candle

Easy DIY Candles 21

This is one of the unique and creative candle making ideas you’ll find on the web today. Learn here to make a DIY candle in the sand.

21. Easy DIY Candles from Orange Peel

Easy DIY Candles 22

Orange peel and citronella oil make the deadliest combination to combat mosquitoes, not just this, they smell amazing. Carefully remove the middle part of the orange and fill the cavity with oil- you can use any vegetable or olive oil too.

22. Naturally Whimsical Tote-Candles

Easy DIY Candles 23

For this tote candle, you need a leather belt, twine, candle, flower, and a jar. The project is briefly described here.

23. Caramel Latte Tea Cup Candle

Easy DIY Candles 24

Process this teacup candle with caramel fragrance oil and liquid dye combined with wax flakes and wick. Learn the procedure here.

24. Yarn Wrapped Easy DIY Candles

Easy DIY Candles 25

Wrap the bottom of the candles with colorful yarns and just put them in the candelabra. We found the idea here.

25. DIY Pink Candles And Glitter Candle Holders

Easy DIY Candles 26

Cover half of the glass pots with glue and glitter to replicate this candle holder at home. Simple and easy steps are available here.

26. Layered Jar Candle

Easy DIY Candles 27

Create this two-layer candle with the same wax dyed in two different colors separately. More details on the project are available at Simply Stacie.


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