18 Easy Cheap DIY Christmas Decoration | DIY Christmas Home Decor Ideas

Follow these 18 Easy Cheap DIY Christmas Decoration ideas to keep your home festival ready!

1. Giant Paper Plate Popsicles

Easy Cheap DIY Christmas Decoration

These colorful popsicles will surely get attention this Christmas. They are easy to make, and your kids will love making it. You can decorate your garden with them or line them up on the driveway. They cost less than a dollar to make! Follow the tutorial here.

2. Pine Cone Elves

Easy Cheap DIY Christmas Decoration 2

Cute little pine cone Elves for this Christmas, they are easy to create and are inexpensive too. You can decorate your wall by hanging them side by side or place them on the centrepiece; they look cute everywhere. See the full tutorial here.

3. Pine Cone Owl Ornaments

Easy Cheap DIY Christmas Decoration 3

Pinecone Crafts are easy to make and looks great after finishing them. You need some pinecones and some colored paper. Pinecone owls seem so adorable and are great for Christmas DIYs. The tutorial is here.

4. PomPom Gnome Ornaments

Easy Cheap DIY Christmas Decoration 4

These little mythical sprites are meant to serve as protectors for the farmstead. You can make this by following the tutorial here.

5. Button Wreath Ornament

Easy Cheap DIY Christmas Decoration 5

Just need some buttons for this craft, you can use this to decorate the Christmas Tree. You can also tie a bow to make it look even good. Follow the full tutorial here.

6. Christmas Nativity Set

Easy Cheap DIY Christmas Decoration 6

This nativity set is primarily for the kids; they can help you make these, which makes it even more special and memorable. By using craft sticks, you can make these beautiful looking nativity set. Here’s the DIY.

7. Mini Christmas tree

Easy Cheap DIY Christmas Decoration 7

Just paint some wine corks with your favorite colors and glue them together so that it takes the shape of a triangle. Fix a cork at the bottom and fix a star on top of the cork collection, that’s it!

8. Mouse Figure

Easy Cheap DIY Christmas Decoration 8

This being my favorite, cute little mouse holding gift for your loved ones. Make the torso with a wine cork and ears with small wooden pieces, or you can use buttons as well. Fix wires as legs and hands. There you go, your mouse figure is ready for Christmas.

9. Snowman DIY

Easy Cheap DIY Christmas Decoration 9This image is an inspiration for the easy, cheap DIY Christmas decoration that you might want to inherit this year. You can see more ideas here.

10. DIY snowman Candy Bars

Easy Cheap DIY Christmas Decoration 10

They are so easy to make, you and your little ones will enjoy making these. Your friends and family would love these fun and adorable snowman candy bars as favors. Look here for the idea.

11. Christmas Toilet Paper Roll

Easy Cheap DIY Christmas Decoration 11

Instead of throwing away toilet paper rolls, you can use them to create this easy DIY craft. Do this as a group activity with your family and friends to make it more enjoyable and memorable. You can find the full tutorial here.
See more DIY Craft Ideas Here.

12. Craft Stick Snowman

Easy Cheap DIY Christmas Decoration 12

These craft stick snowman with a cute spiral pipe cleaner Hat is easy to make a craft with your kids. These would spice up the cuteness of your Christmas tree. The detailed tutorial is here.
Check more creative popsicle stick crafts here.

13. Easy and Fun Jumping Elf Puppets

Easy Cheap DIY Christmas Decoration 13

Fun loving jumping elf puppets are interactive, and kids can play with them all the time, pull the string to make them jump. These are easy to make also, follow the full tutorial here.

14. Accordion Paper Reindeer

Easy Cheap DIY Christmas Decoration 14

The accordion folds on this reindeer craft make it look even more fabulous. It can do bounce up and down on their bottoms. It’s so cute and simple to make. We found the idea here.

15. Yarn Bearded Santa

Easy Cheap DIY Christmas Decoration 15

This idea shows how you can turn something ordinary to an extraordinary craft. By just using white yarn and popsicle sticks you can make this Santa piece easily. Look for the full tutorial here.

16. DIY Snowy Jars

Easy Cheap DIY Christmas Decoration 16

You can make Snowy Jars by using some Epsom salt, glitter and tea light. They are perfect for decorating your dining table or hallway this Christmas season. You can follow the full tutorial here. If you wish to seek more possibilities to bring candle decoration in your home, you can check these DIY candle decoration ideas.

17. Beautiful Bleached Pinecones (Without Bleach)

Easy Cheap DIY Christmas Decoration 17

Many people are allergic to bleach, which can irritate the eyes, lungs, and skin. But here’s the good news, these pinecones are bleached without bleach. They look fabulous, especially in the winter and Christmas season. Read more here.

18. Dollar Store Snowflakes Snowman

Easy Cheap DIY Christmas Decoration 18

You can make this super cute and gorgeous looking snowflake snowman by following this tutorial. This is a fun and ideal project for a cheap, easy DIY Christmas decoration that will allow you to adorn your home for the festivity!


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