Fourth July is near and you must be searching the web for the perfect decor ideas! Check out these 15 interesting and easy 4th of July crafts we’ve collected for you, that you can create within a day too!

1. Patriotic Napkin Rings

Bring life and joy to your patriotic party with these napkin rings, which are made out of red plastic spoons, blue napkins and white star cut out. You can get the detailed instructions here.

2. Nautical Decor

This decor idea is one among the easiest decor projects you must have seen! All you need is some patriotic and nautical pattern printouts. Try the idea here.

3. Lollipop Topiary

Let your kids be busy with this project while you do other home decor projects for this 4th of July celebration! It’s an easy and simple craft that can be done in about 10 minutes.

4. Flag Brownie

Surprise your guests and family with this US flag brownie, it’s a great dining decor idea if you love baking! Visit Spicy Southern Kitchen.

5. Firecracker Favors

Party favors for an independence day celebration are a must because happiness is doubled when shared! Craft these firecracker favors with your kids and fill them with interesting gifts.

6. Ombre Wreath

Wreaths are a sign of respect, whether it’s for the country or the armed forces! Show respect to the nation with this modular ombre wreath, that is easy and fun to create.

7. Watermelon Centerpiece Decor

This 4th of July, celebrate the nation with this exquisite and exceptional watermelon centerpiece! It’s absolutely jaw-dropping. Here’s the idea.

8. Pinwheel Decor

Decorate your outside or inside dining table with these easy to create Fourth July pinwheel craft. You can also make them spin with this easy tutorial by Good House Keeping.

9. Bandana Wreath

Create a bandana wreath for your front decor, use patriotic colors to make it the right choice for a 4th July Craft. Visit here.

10. Garden Decor

Grab a grass-friendly construction marking paint and get doing this nationalist garden DIY. This is so easy and fun to do project. Find the tutorial here.

11. Tea Towel

Make a tea towel for the kitchen that’s patriotic and practical at the same time. The tutorial is here.

12. Patriotic Silverwares

Go patriotic while on a budget with these flag silverwares, which are created using just washi tapes! The instructions are at Tikkido.

13. Mason Jar Luminaries

Buy small flags and mason jars to undergo this luminary mason jar craft idea. Get help from this informative article.

14. Straw Wreath

One more wreath decor idea for you to follow. Although a bit easy and less stylish than the above project.

15. Patriotic Pallet Flags

Model a rustic and ideal 4th of July pallet to boost up your independence day decor. The tutorial is here.


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