Easiest Ways to Clean Up Stump Grindings

Here are some of the easiest ways to clean up stump grindings which will not only ease the task but come in handy for many repurposing projects.

A tree in the backyard can bring myriad benefits to your lifestyle, health, and environment. A way of getting close to nature, trees have a beautiful aesthetic and help lift spirits. It helps shade your home, improve the air quality, remove toxins from underground water and reduce pollution. Even though you might love the trees in your yard, there might be a chance that you may have to get rid of them. Besides that, after getting rid of a tree, you must eliminate the stump grindings to avoid the problems that come with it. Learn some of the easiest ways to clean up stump grindings by giving this article a thorough read.

Stump Removal and Benefits of Stump Grinding

No matter the disease or damage to a tree or if it is encroaching the house, getting rid of trees isn’t an easy process. It requires a lot of manual effort and might have a sentimental value attached to it as well. Trees leave a trail of their existence in the form of stumps when you cut or trim them. This stump is not aesthetically pleasing and pose risk to the safety of children and dogs besides increasing the chances of splinters. It increases the chances of the spread of pests in the garden as well. Hence, it is necessary to remove the stump.

This stump removal process leaves a lot of debris in the backyard, especially if it is ground down. The debris consisting of wood chips, sawdust, etc., is commonly known as stump grindings, which are left behind when stumps are removed by the process of grinding. The remaining roots spread across the yard in the subsurface will decompose with time.

Stump Extraction vs. Grinding

It’s advisable to go through the grinding process rather than extraction to avoid affecting the yard’s landscaping. Extraction can lead to the involvement of the whole yard since roots are generally spread widespread across a larger area. On the other hand, stump grinding is done until all the stump disappears. It leaves a less deep hole up to around 18 inches, which is easier to fill up and still provides protection from infestations and other safety hazards.

Easiest Ways to Clean Up Stump Grindings

1. Firestarter

You can reuse the stump grindings for starting fires instead of using fresh wood logs. It is though important to be careful before repurposing them inside the house. This is because the trees treated with chemicals or infected with termites ants pose a safety hazard if used for fire.

2. Mulch

Mulch is a layer of material thatyou can spread on the soil’s surface to retain moisture, improve fertility, restrict the growth of weeds, and keep the roots cooler. Stump grindings are an excellent alternative for mulch. Spread the stump grindings on the soil to rejuvenate good qualities in your garden soil.

3. Filling up

The grinding process will leave a hole behind, which might become a risk to young kids and pets. Use the stump grindings to fill up the hole and even the ground. The grindings will decay over time within a few months. Once the grinding decays, you can fill the area with soil to bring uniformity in the soil. It is essential not to use that area for foundation purposes, as the ground will not be stable due to the decaying process of the grindings.

4. Compost

You can use stump grindings for making homemade compost by letting them decompose with soil in a compost bin. You can also add it to the existing compost pile to create natural and effective compost for your backyard.  

Point to Remember

  1. To avoid cuts and splinters, perform these steps while wearing rubber gloves. Leave minimum skin exposed while cleaning.
  2. Stump grinding can affect the adjoining things, such as a tree next to it with roots below the stump or fencing, wires, etc.. Hence always take professional recommendations before starting the grinding process.
  3. If the reason for tree removal was pests, then one must not bring the grindings inside the home at any cost. The termites can damage the furniture or infest the house. It is best to either burn the grindings or decompose them.


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