Dragonfly From Fan Blades | DIY Dragonfly At Home

From fan blades, a dragonfly takes flight, Graceful and elegant, it soars with delight. Learn how to make a dragonfly from fan blades with these selected tutorials.

1. Dragonfly Out of a Fan

It would be a fun science project for kids to redecorate fan blades the way they see and understand dragonflies. Let them unleash their inner artists by urging them to make dragonflies from fan blades.

2. Giant Dragonflies

Dragonfly From Fan Blades1

If you’re fascinated by dragonflies around your home, you may create a huge dragonfly to hang on your porch. It is a cost-efficient DIY if you have old fan blades to repurpose.

3. Ceiling Fan Blades to Dragonflies

Ceiling Fan Blades to Dragonflies

In just 5 steps, you can refurbish old boring fan blades into an intricate dragonfly that is not only huge but eye-catching as well.

4. Dragonfly From Fan Blades

Dragonfly From Fan Blades

Have a few spindles and fan blades simply lying around? There might be a better way to put them to use than this dragonfly from fan blades idea.

5. Trash To Treasure

Make these giant but cute dragonflies out of the trash that would go to waste otherwise. The best thing is that you can customize the dragonfly as per your imagination.

6. DIY Garden Dragonfly Wall Art

Is your garden wall looking boring and dull? Spruce the wall with a good background paint with some colorful giant dragonflies that you can easily make at home.

7. Ceiling Fan Dragonfly

Make a pair of dragonflies to set up on display in your garden or on the porch to attract your guest’s attention without even putting in an extravagant effort.

8. Dragonfly With Ceiling Fan

Dragonfly From Fan Blades2

Charm up your garden vibe with a huge dragonfly on the display that you can create pretty quickly and it’s cheap as well. Check it out here.

9. Garden Decor Dragonfly

Garden Decor Dragonfly

Decide on a color and patterns that will best suit the appeal of your garden and get going through these steps.

10. Repurpose Fan Blades

Repurpose Fan Blades

These dragonfly from fan blades ideas are ingenious if you want to change your fans and table but don’t want it to go to waste either. After all, repurposing is the new hot spot for DIYers to put old stuff to use.

11. Garden Dragonfly

12. DIY Butterflies and Dragonflies

Dragonfly From Fan Blades3

Once you finish assembling the spindles and fan blades, you can decorate the wings with buttons and stones if not plain patterns. Check out this guide.

13. Upcycled Dragonfly

Upcycled Dragonfly

The steps to creating a dragonfly from fan blades are more or less the same but the patterns can vary. Get creative with a more meaningful pattern that excites you more than anything.

14. Dragonfly Art for Garden

Dragonfly Art for Garden

If you don’t have a wall to hang the dragonfly, you may wish to create this standing masterpiece instead! Learn more about it here.

15. Dragonfly with Vinyl

Dragonfly From Fan Blades4

You can seek a resort in vinyl sheets if you can’t define patterns and designs on the fan blades yourself.

16. How-to Giant Dragonfly

How-to Giant Dragonfly

Give a little character to the spindles to have a mouth, eyes, antennas, and a mustache, cute! You can learn the basics here.

17. DIY Wooden Dragonfly

18. Ucycle Old Fan Blades Into Art

Ucycle Old Fan Blades Into Art

If you’re shifting, you know how challenging it can be to get rid of your old stuff without having the guilt of wasting things. Upcycle old fan blades so that you can upgrade to a new fan in your new home!

19. Dragonfly with Lace

Dragonfly From Fan Blades6

Lace is something that can never look bad no matter what! Emit the good old feel of the vintage by adapting to the lace design on your fan blade dragonfly.

20. Dragonfly Out of a Fan

21. Dragonfly Made with Ceiling Fan Blades

Dragonfly Made with Ceiling Fan Blades

Ceiling fan broken? No worries, you can easily upgrade it to look as if it was never a ceiling fan! Check out this blogspot to learn more.

22. Dragonfly DIY Wood Craft

Dragonfly From Fan Blades7

Choose your favorite pattern in transfers and attach it to old fan blades along with an old table leg to give it an amazing makeover just like this DIYer did.


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