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What Are Dollar Tree Butterflies?

Some lepidopterans or moths often fly into the dollar tree stores attracted by the bright lights and colours of the stores. While monarch butterflies are the most common ones to spot, these lepidopterans are characterized by their black and orange wings with spots on them. They often fly inside the dollar tree stores in search of food or just because they like the bright ambience. These butterflies are equally beautiful and attractive and the fun part is that you can easily replicate these butterflies in a DIY. Take inspiration from these Dollar tree butterflies ideas and try to replicate the most beautiful butterfly you spotted in the Dollar Tree!

1. $5 Dollar Tree Butterfly

Making a dollar tree butterfly can work as a challenge when you have two or more kids at your home willing to do some DIY craft activity. All they need to do is to gather the essentials and get started. You can assign individual tasks to each of your kids and sit back to see their creativity.

2. DIY Dollar Tree Butterfly Craft

For this one, you need a Mod Podge McKenzie and some colourful paper to make it as attractive as you can. Stick as many stickers as you can in the shape of a butterfly to give it a 3-D effect, so that you can place it on a plant in your room.

3. Solar Light Butterflies

Dollar Tree Butterflies1

So the idea behind such a cute DIY is to transform a standard solar light into something a bit more unique and eye-catching. After all, there’s not much about a solar light that makes it stand out in a good way, so adorning it and turning it into something creative can only be beneficial, right?

4. Dollar Tree Easy Butterfly DIYs

This is nothing but a beautiful culmination of butterfly-shaped stickers that you can place together to form a room decor. You can also gift it to someone on their birthdays or anniversaries. Make and collect a few butterflies like this and embellish them on your wall and personalize it as you want.

5. Easy Dollar Tree DIY Home Decor

What’s better than a glittery and sparkly butterfly hanging on your door? Absolutely nothing. You can try this home decor in all the colours that go with or in contrast with your walls.

6. Dollar Tree Butterfly Tea Light

How about turning a tea light into a butterfly that lightens up your room in the dark? Sounds awesome, isn’t it? Having this beautiful piece is just a few steps away from you. Watch the video to get the directions.

7. Decorated Dollar Tree Butterfly Wings

A butterfly would look at its best when best decorating its wings with as much creativity as you may. You can use glitters and/or little embellishments like glass, stickers, washi tapes, etc. There’s not much that you can do when it comes to the body of the butterfly, but the wings are under your creative control!

8. Dollar Tree Butterflies In A Chandelier

We all love seeing the butterflies flying over our heads during a nature walk. Why not bring that joy to our homes? Decorate your house with many butterflies flying over you in the form of a lighted- chandelier. Take a look at the description in the video to re-do this DIY.

9. A Leisure-Time Activity

Dollar Tree Butterflies2

Age is not a bar when it comes to making a dollar tree butterfly. All they require is some colourful cloth sheets and aluminium wires. It is a great leisure-time activity when it comes to making a beautiful butterfly as a home decor for themselves.

10. Dollar Tree Butterfly Wreath DIY

Dollar Tree Butterflies3

A butterfly looks at its best when it is among the leaves. The camouflage combination also works wonderfully along with the beautiful orchids placed appropriately in shape. You can use the wreath as a gift decor later.

The Final Words

Dollar Tree has everything you need to make this beautiful butterfly DIY. All you need is a few supplies from Dollar Tree and some time. This project is perfect for any season and would make a great addition to your home décor. Try the different methods now and let us know in the comment section how it goes.


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