Dollar Store Kitchen Organization Hacks | Cheap DIY Kitchen Ideas

Organize your kitchen the smart way with these dollar store kitchen organization hacks, so that you never go out of space! All of these cheap DIY kitchen ideas are very easy to do and practical.

1. Pantry Organization

Organize your kitchen with pantry labels and glass containers from the dollar store. This way organization helps you to find things and ingredients easily! The idea is inspired by The Social Home.

NOTE: Make pantry labels easily at home using duct tape and water.

2. Refrigerator Organization

Buy few colorful baskets from the dollar store to organize your refrigerator the super hygienic way. We found the idea here.

3. House Organization

Here’s a detailed article on how you can organize your home in a unique and stylish way! These are all small space organization hacks and tips.

4. Magnetic Spice Rack

Glue pencil holder magazines and magnets together to create a spice holder at home easily in no time. Find this budget DIY at The Instructables.

5. Shower Cap Kitchen Tool

Ever thought of using shower caps inside the kitchen? Well, follow this link to learn how you can reuse shower caps countless time in the kitchen.

6. Pantry Organizer

Make a partition in your kitchen shelves to keep cutting boards, plates etc. intact in place! Visit Martha Stewart to know how it’s made.

7. Cabinet Organizing

Pile dollar store containers inside your kitchen cabinets to organize things which are anyway messed up! You can read the article here.

9. Cutting Board Storage

Screw a wire organizer in your cabinet door to store your cutting boards in an easily accessible manner. Find out more about it here.

10. Drawer Makeover

Give a pretty and tidy makeover to any drawer in your kitchen or house with an expense of just $1. Check the article here.

11. Canned Food Organization

Buy a dollar stone can holder and arrange your canned food items in a well collocate manner. Visit here.

12. DIY Mason Jar Storage

Mason jars are always to the rescue, be it craft ideas or storage hacks! Buy or collect mason jars, clean them, and then follow this tutorial.

13. Contact Paper Labels

Another glass jar and label pantry organization idea, this time use contact papers for making labels. The instructions are here.

14. Coat Closet Pantry

Transform a coat closet into pantry storage if you don’t have one with this easy tutorial. This makes your kitchen experience easier and creates a lot of space for things.

15. Clean Fridge

Here’s how you can give your fridge a makeover and maintain the level of cleanliness.

16. Spice Rack

Separate your spices from your pantry shelf with this inexpensive spice rack DIY, because everything should be in its ideal place! The directions are here.

17. Free Printable

Get free printables here, for your kitchen organization project! Choose between 24 labels with 3 different color choices.

18. Fridge Organization

Buy fridge Binz to give your fridge an organized and tidy appearance, this makes finding things inside the fridge a lot easier as well. Check the article here.


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