Does Yogurt Help Heartburn | How to Prevent Heartburn

Are you feeling a burning sensation in your chest? Know does yogurt help heartburn and how can you prevent it with some lifestyle changes.

Does Yogurt Help Heartburn1

Your eating and drinking habits not only leads to acidity, but it can also lead to severe heartburn. When the stomach’s contents are pushed back into the esophagus, the reaction also pushes acids found in the stomach (to digest the food). This condition is called acid reflux or heartburn. While certain foods contribute or even worsens heartburns, some foods help provide relief from it. Eating food that would soothe your stomach is, therefore, essential. However, there is a difference between temporary relief and long-term relief from acid reflux. For instance, cold milk provides temporary relief from heartburns, but it can lead to excess gas in the stomach leading to severe acid reflux.

Does Yogurt Help Heartburn

Yogurt lies in a very tricky food category. Taken in moderation, it is incredibly beneficial for people suffering from heartburn and has been one of the best natural heartburn remedies. However, the acidic nature of milk products might be a cause of triggering heartburn as well. In the case of treating heartburns by eating yogurt, moderation is the key. Let’s learn how yogurt can both trigger and treat the heartburn.

Yogurt Treating Heartburn

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Fresh yogurt, which is not too sour, is an ideal solution for treating heartburns. The cooling properties of yogurt soothe your stomach, and the probiotics present in it also help normalize your bowel movements. In addition to these, good bacterias in probiotics are incredibly beneficial in treating health conditions like IBS (irritable bowel syndrome), gastric inflammation, and diarrhea.

Yogurt Triggering Heartburn

Yogurt from the market has a higher chance of triggering heartburn than homemade yogurt. This is because the total concentration of fats and saturated fats in these yogurts are higher. Higher intake of fats can lead to inflammation in the esophagus and an increase in GERD symptoms. Therefore, you should check the ingredients of the brand of yogurt you are buying from the stores. The natural remedy doesn’t work well for people who are lactose intolerant.

How to Choose the Right Yogurt for Heartburn Treatment

It is best if you eat home-prepared yogurt to treat heartburns. However, if you are planning to buy yogurt, you have to take care of a few things. Try and buy low-fat or fat-free options available. Also, look for plain curd or yogurt instead of sugar-laden sweet and flavored varieties. If you can’t eat plain yogurt, mix non-acidic fruits like berries with honey to your yogurt.

Lifestyle Changes that Can Help Prevent Heartburns

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Besides dietary changes, some lifestyle changes can also help treat the problem. For instance, late-night snacking increases the chances of getting heartburn. In addition to that, eating meals close to bedtime can lead to indigestion and acid reflux as well. To prevent heartburns eat smaller, more frequent meals distributed well throughout the day. Apart from this, take short walks whenever possible and maintain a good posture after eating meals.


The best way to treat heartburns is to identify the cause of the same. One by one, eliminate ingredients from your diet to see what adds to or causes acid-reflux. If the situation persists, get in touch with a doctor for a proper diagnosis and check if any underlying health issue is causing it.


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