Does Sprinkling Baking Soda on Carpets Kill Fleas

People use numerous methods to kill fleas but does sprinkling baking soda on carpets kill fleas? Keep reading to know the answer to this intriguing question.

Does Sprinkling Baking Soda on Carpets Kill Fleas1

Fleas are the tiny insects infesting your home and carpets. These are small insects in the form of parasites that live off the host’s blood and can lead to health issues. They can leech on to their hosts and are incredibly challenging to get rid of once they reproduce.

These carpet fleas are blood-feeders and end up consuming more blood than 15 times their body weight. The fleas produce thousands of eggs, and once they hatch, the eggs develop into worm-like larvae, which eventually hide beneath carpet fibers and furniture cushions.
Carpet fleas are quite harmful to your pets and cause allergies, such as flea allergy dermatitis. For humans, these fleas cause red, itchy bumps and can cause skin irritation as well.

What Attracts these Parasites to Your Home?

There are various things or reasons that contribute to attracting these fleas to your humble abode, which include:

1. Warmth

Fleas love warmer or humid temperatures. They like to feed on pets since pets have fluffy hair to insulate them and keep them warmer. These long hair also makes it difficult for owners to spot the fleas; therefore, they end up sticking around quickly and for a longer duration. Similarly, the carpets’ fiber strands or fur base can help create a warm surrounding for these parasites. If your house is cold, then there is a high chance of these fleas hanging around in carpets and rugs or on your pets’ fur as well.

2. Carbon Dioxide

Another reason for home fleas infestation is the presence of carbon dioxide. Believe it or not, if your home lacks fresh air or is generally stuffy, you have higher chances of attracting these parasites. Therefore, it is advisable to keep your windows open or have adequate ventilation in your home. Not only does fresh air and natural sunlight keeps your aura positive, but it also helps in keeping specific bugs and parasites away that thrive in humid and untidy conditions.

3. Darkness

Fleas are attracted to dark places, which keeps them out of the sight of humans and other potential dangers. Under darkness, they get ample time to reproduce and reach adulthood.

Flee Infestation

Does Sprinkling Baking Soda on Carpets Kill Fleas2

Before you take any measure, it’s vital to know the scale of fleas infestation in your home. The more their number, the more efforts and time it will take to kill all of them. Watch out for the below signs:

  • If your pets are itching continuously or if they bite their own fur, there’s a chance that they are infested with fleas.
  • If you notice a line of tiny dot-like insects on your pet’s fur, they can be fleas.
  • These insects often hop on thick carpets and curtains.
  • Watch out for small tiny dot-like insects under carpets, cushions, blankets, etc.
  • You can develop a bite, rash, or swelling if a flea bites you.
  • Constantly check your child’s skin or pet’s fur for any sign of these insects.

Does Sprinkling Baking Soda on Carpets Kill Fleas

Does Sprinkling Baking Soda on Carpets Kill Fleas3

With the amount of damage these fleas can cause, it is imperative to quickly get rid of them. One such solution for fleas is by sprinkling baking soda on carpets to kill fleas. Baking soda dehydrates and kills the larvae and eggs, which stops them from reproducing and regenerating themselves again and again.

However, baking soda alone cannot work effectively. Combine it with a pinch of salt to eliminate the fleas and make your home a safe place for your kids and pets. An important thing to keep in mind is that the baking soda must be active. This means that baking soda as old as a month will not work on these stubborn fleas. Buy baking soda in an ample amount to get rid of these insects. Also, while sprinkling it on the carpet, make sure to keep your pets and children stay away.

For the sprinkling process, make sure that you spread out the baking soda generously on the carpet so that it reaches the bottom. For increased effectiveness, leave it on overnight to completely dry out the eggs and the larvae. You can repeat the process after a few days if you notice them coming back in fewer numbers.

Is Using Baking Soda Safe

Baking soda and salt are a simple natural remedy to get rid of the parasites. Yet you should wear protective gear like gloves before following the method, as fleas are most likely to resurface from the carpets once sprinkled with this mix. However, you should restrain the use of baking soda around dogs as a large amount of it can pose harm to your dogs.

Other Methods and Ingredients to Spot and Get Rid of Fleas

Methods and Ingredients to Spot and Get Rid of Fleas

Besides sprinkling baking soda, there are other home remedies and tricks to get rid of these fleas as well.

1. Regular Cleaning and Vacuum

Although people clean their homes every day, there are certain corners and areas that they skip. These can be a breeding ground or a safe haven for various pests and parasites. To avoid such infestations, regularly vacuum carpets and rugs in your home along with hard to reach areas around couches, etc. In addition to preventing the growth of fleas, vacuums can help remove the existing fleas as well.

2. Regular Cleaning of Home Linen

Cleaning bed sheets, bedding, and sofas can also help prevent fleas from hiding or breeding in your homes. Regularly flipping your bedding can help spot existing fleas.

3. DIY Dish Soap Flea Trap

Dissolve soapy water by mixing one part dishwashing liquid soap with 3 parts warm water. Pour the solution into a shallow dish or bowl and place it near your carpet. Put a lamp around the dish and turn every other light off in the room. Let it sit overnight, and you’ll see a bunch of fleas drowning in the water the next morning. This works because the fleas get attracted to the light due to its warmth, and then they jump into the water. The soapy texture of the water makes it impossible for the fleas to get out of it as it’s slippery for them.

Repeat the same process every night for a week and when you see a reduction in their number, use the baking soda to eliminate them. To increase the water’s warmth and make it more attractive for the fleas, place a tea-light candle in the center of the trap. You can also set the trap near your indoor plants as they are a source of carbon dioxide.

Killing these fleas is never an easy task and requires tons of effort. But if you take certain steps and use home remedies like baking soda, you will be able to get rid of them quickly!


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