Does Rice Vinegar Expire | Does Rice Vinegar Goes Bad

Does rice vinegar expire? This and many other facts about rice vinegar are disclosed in this article. Keep reading to know more!

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What is Rice Vinegar?

Vinegar made from fermenting rice is called rice vinegar. This particular vinegar is milder and less acidic than white distilled vinegar or any other substitute made in the category. The vinegar also has a subtle hint of sweetness from the rice. Therefore, it is an ideal ingredient to add to salads, marinades, and sauteed vegetables. It is also a popular ingredient in Asian cooking. There is a wide variety of rice vinegar available in the market. However, each has its distinct flavors, and therefore it is best not to mix them or swap them in your recipes. 

How is it made?

To make this vinegar, the starch in the rice grains are fermented with acetic bacteria(Mycoterma Aceti) and a small amount of rice wine (another popular cooking ingredient and alcoholic beverage in Asia). This process converts the rice’s sugars into alcohol content and then into acetic acid, eventually making the vinegar.

How to Store Rice Vinegar

Storing rice vinegar is the same as storing other vinegar types, such as balsamic vinegar, white vinegar, or red wine, i.e., store the bottles in a cool, dark place away from light and heat sources. A cupboard or a pantry is the best option for storing this kitchen ingredient.

After opening the bottle, make sure your bottle of rice vinegar is always closed tightly when not in use. If you plan to store the vinegar after opening the bottle, you will need to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations or storage tips for the best results. In general, vinegar is a shelf-resistant product that can be stored at room temperature. However, some manufacturers recommend storing them in the refrigerator after opening. So, follow the instructions on your packed product and enjoy the mellow notes of this vinegar.

Does Rice Vinegar Expire?

Does Rice Vinegar Expire2

Bottles of vinegar have a long shelf life(years). However, no product can last forever. So, technically yes, every vinegar expires, including rice vinegar, but that can take years. Till then, most people finish their bottles of vinegar and move on to a fresh batch anyways.

Many manufacturers put the ‘best before date’ or ‘date of expiry’ on the package of market products because people are more likely to trust a product based on the food label. This date is only a rough estimate of how long the flavor of the product will keep fresh.

Rice vinegar (sometimes called rice wine vinegar) is less acidic and slightly sweeter than other vinegar varieties and lasts for years even after the mentioned expiry date on the label.

There are, however, changes in the flavor of this cooking ingredient. Since rice vinegar is not as sour as the other options available in the market, rice vinegar changes’ flavor profile when stored for an extended period. After about five years of storage, you may notice some changes in taste. So, if you want to store it for more than five years, the best option is to refrigerate it or buy a smaller bottle that can be replaced.

Benefits and Uses

Rice vinegar has various health benefits and uses. The antiseptic properties of this vinegar help boost the immune system and contribute to heart health as well. The ingredient also helps reduce the appetite, which in-turn aids weight-loss in a person. So, consuming rice vinegar is also beneficial for people trying to lose weight. 

Apart from consumption, the topical application of rice vinegar has its merits as well. Not only can the kitchen ingredient act as a chemical-free substitute as a face toner, but it also helps treat active acne and gives you glowing skin.

Are There Any Side Effects of Consuming Rice Vinegar?

There aren’t many side effects of consuming this ingredient; however, excess of anything is bad. Therefore, you should use it in a moderate quantity. 

Too much consumption of rice vinegar can lead to tooth decay. The acid in the vinegar harms the teeth when taken in large quantities or regularly. Also, as the ingredient is exceptionally potent, it is always better to incorporate it into your daily routine only under a health expert’s guidance. 

So, use this amazing product in your kitchen for various recipes and enjoy its health benefits!


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