Does Lotion Make Slime Less Sticky | How To Fix Sticky Slime

People often wonder whether does lotion make slime less sticky or not. Read through the article as we attempt to answer the question with some helpful tips.

Slime recipes can be tricky to deal with. While they are usually just three-ingredient recipes, you are highly likely to end up with not-so-perfect slime. The type of ingredients, quantity, environment are a few factors that can affect how the slime turns up. It might end up being sticky, rubbery, or even too watery. A sticky slime can be a nuisance to deal with as it sticks to your hands, furniture, clothes, and doesn’t come off easily. There are many ways to fix sticky slime but does lotion make slime less sticky? Let us answer that question with facts and tips on how to fix sticky slime in the article below.

Does Lotion Make Slime Less Sticky?

If you are trying to fix a sticky slime, using lotion might not be the best option. It might make the slime not stick to your hands if you have applied a generous amount of lotion on your hands, but it cannot reduce the stickiness from the slime itself. Instead, the lotion is a great ingredient to increase the stretchiness of the slime. Hence, if you have a hard or rubbery slime, adding lotion can soften it up and make it nice and stretchy. But lotion can not fix a sticky slime and rather make it even more sticky. Therefore, follow the below home remedies and tips to fix your sticky slime easily without having to throw it away.

Home Remedies To Fix Sticky Slime

1. Knead

Start with kneading the slime to reduce the stickiness. Kneading it rigorously for a few minutes can drastically reduce the water content in the slime and further reduce the stickiness. Make sure you do this over a clean and dry flat surface. Once you’re done kneading it, let it sit for a few minutes before you start playing with it.

2. Baby Oil

One of the best ingredients, baby oil can remove all stickiness from the slime. Just add a few drops of baby oil to slime and knead well. Please be careful not to pour a lot of baby oil; otherwise, it can become a little too oily. 

3. Activator

Depending on the recipe used, adding a few activators such as saline solution or liquid starch can help in reducing the stickiness coming from the glue. Activator is an essential part of any slime recipe, which converts glue into slime, and hence adding more of it can help get the slimy texture back.

4. Baking Soda

Sprinkling a little bit of baking soda over the slime and kneading it well can help get rid of the stickiness of the slime. Ensure that you add baking soda gradually, as baking soda in large quantities can reduce the stretchiness of the slime. 

Reasons For Sticky Slime

A glue-based slime recipe requires an activator to form links between the long polymer chains of the glue, which gives it the slimy texture. If your slime is still sticky, it implies that the polymer chains are still not wholly linked. This could happen either because you have not kneaded the slime well or the amount of activator is not enough to reduce the stickiness of the slime. It still retains the stickiness of the glue and can be annoying to deal with. Always try kneading first before you try adding anything extra to the slime recipe. Sometimes all it needs is little time outside or kneading to turn into an enjoyable slime.

Tip To Remove Sticky Slime From Hands Or Clothes

Mix one-third of warm water and two-thirds of vinegar in a bowl. Use this mixture to scrap away slime from your hands or clothes gently. A patch test is recommended before you try this on clothes or furniture as vinegar might cause discoloration in some fabric. Furthermore, rubbing baby oil can help remove slime from the hands. 

How To Take Care Of Slime

  1. Store in an airtight container.
  2. Please keep it away from any direct sources of heat.
  3. Knead every few days if you plan to store it for long periods.
  4. Before playing with slime, let it first sit for a few minutes, then knead it. 
  5. Apply lotion on hands before playing with slime to improve the stretchiness. 


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