Does Bleach Kill Silverfish | How to Get Rid of Silverfish

Does bleach kill silverfish? That is probably the first question that comes to our minds when dealing with silverfish! Let’s find out in this article.

What is Silverfish?

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Believed to be the oldest insects on the planet– silverfish are crawling insects that are usually shiny gray or silver in color. Its length is half an inch to an inch long. Unlike other insects, they lose their skin during their adult life. Silverfish have been sneaking around the planet for millions of years, they never evolved into wings, and we only have God to thank for it! Mace fish is another name for silverfish. These insects are most active at night, which is why they can easily scare you if you reach for a book or go to the bathroom to brush your teeth before bed, as their shiny appearance and scaly skin can make them look more creepy.

Not only are they creepy, but they are destructive as well. The insect can chew through and destroy your treasured possessions, including clothes, documents, and other important stored material.

What Attracts Them to Your House

Silverfish infestations can be hard to deal with; therefore, it is essential to know what attracts these insects to your home. Here is a list of some things that silverfish are attracted to:

1. Humidity

Silverfish require high humidity (more than 75 percent) to survive. Hence, they are attracted to humid corners, cracks, and hideouts. Silverfish are often found in bathrooms, kitchens, laundries, garages, and closets. They can stray from high humidity areas for a short time but generally require high humidity surroundings to live. They can also be attracted to similar conditions created in rooms or wardrobes due to leaks and seepages. Therefore, it is essential to air your possessions regularly, use dehumidifiers, and repair leaks as soon as possible.

2. Warm & Dark Places

The insects also prefer dark hiding places with temperatures between 70 and 90 degrees. In these ideal conditions, they would feed on the material around and breed to multiply in number. 

3. Carbohydrates and Protein

Silverfish feeds on carbohydrates such as flour, oatmeal, pasta, etc. However, they get their starch supplements from odd sources with glue on them such as cardboard boxes, paper, book covers, and tape. 

Does Bleach Kill Silverfish

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Bleach kills silverfish because of its active ingredients, which not only cleans surfaces and drain efficiently but also kills viruses, bacteria, and fungi. Even as there are many other ways to get rid of silverfish infestation in the house, bleaching is the best, easiest, and fastest way to do it. This is because the active ingredients in bleach dehydrate the surrounding at a rapid pace. Similarly, when you sprinkle it directly over silverfish, the chemical composition of bleach dehydrates them and kills them.

Try the methods below to get rid of silverfish infestation at your home. Not only do they help remove the existing issue, but it also prevents it in the first place.

Stage 1

Mix two parts warm water and one part bleach in a spray bottle. Spray and wipe your walls with the mixture every three months until you start noticing the insects’ absence. 

Stage 2

Sometimes the interceptors infect your home by crawling the drain pipes. Pour the bleach and hot water mixture down your drain every day to kill insects or any infestation in your pipes. Not only does this step help in killing insects, but it also helps in dissolving the grease in the drain pipes.

Stage 3

Spray the bleach in the dark or damp areas regularly, such as around the corners, under the sinks, hard to reach corners in kitchens and bathrooms, etc. You can also use bleach sprays in cracks in walls or floors and areas under and around sinks and tubs to prevent or eliminate silverfish infestation.

Other Home Remedies

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  • Roll up a newspaper and wet it so the fish can crawl in and find its home. After a few days, remove the newspaper or burn it to remove any residue that remains there. This remedy is effective for only a small infestation.
  • Set a sticky trap by applying non-dry glue over a yellow object and place it near a dark humid area. Once these insects get trapped, you can throw the sticky trap or burn it in a safe place.
  • Put small fish poison in exposed food or water source in dark corners to attract silverfish and eliminate them. Do not use this method if you have pets or children at home.
  • Use cedar or cedar oil in a diffuser or spray a water and cedar oil mix around the house, especially in cracks and dark corners. The insects can’t stand the aromatic pheromone on the cedar tree.
  • Spread dried bay leaves all over your house. The fragrance of these leaves repels silverfish and other insects. It is another natural, chemical-free method to get rid of silverfish.

Prevention Tips

  1. If you live in an extreme humid climate, use dehumidifiers every now and then to prevent silverfish from invading your home.
  2. Do regular dusting in your home, especially the dark corners, bookshelves, wardrobes, and bedside table.
  3. Put your clothes in the wardrobe only when they are dry and not even a bit damp.
  4. Ensure proper ventilation in warm and humid rooms.
  5. Keep your food in airtight containers.
  6. Seal off cracks, holes, and crevices to prevent silverfish from entering your home.
  7. Clean your lawn and home from damp waste lying around.

It’s evident that bleach kills silverfish and with these simple steps, you can get rid of silverfish infestation at home with simple ingredients. However, if you feel the insects have multiplied in huge numbers, get in touch with professional pest control services as soon as possible


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