Do Crane Flies Bite | How to Get Rid of Crane Flies

Crane flies may look dangerous and might terrify some people, but do crane flies bite? Let’s find out all the related questions in detail in this article!

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What are Crane Flies?

Crane flies look like giant and huge mosquitoes and can look creepy. However, They are frenzy insects that fly around like crazy from one surface to the other and are usually present near a light source.

These flies are similar to mosquitoes in terms of appearance, but they have longer legs and elongated faces. The wings of the crane flies are transparent, brown, or grayish-black in color, and some even come with extended wings. The female crane flies usually have longer abdomens to house their eggs. 

Crane flies can be found near wooded areas or open fields. They increase in number during rainfall and in wet/damp environments. When these crane flies larvae hatch, they eat all the grass and leave big brown patches all over the place. These flies can also cause quite a nuisance inside the homes as they keep bouncing from one point to the other and create foul-smelling piles of dead insects.

Crane Flies- Life Cycle

Did you know that crane flies only live for about 10-15 days? The adult crane flies are usually found in wet/damp areas and can survive for several days. Most of the species of these flies only live long enough to get to their reproductive cycle. At most, they live for about 10-15 days.

Do Crane Flies Bite?

Do Crane Flies Bite2

No. Crane flies are many things– including being harmful to your property, being annoying, and irritating in general, but they don’t bite. When they come in larger numbers, they end up ruining the entire lawn. Even though if they don’t have a long life, the larvae can easily be all around. Therefore, it is essential to spray some insecticide in your lawns to get rid of them. You can either do that by yourself or go for professional pest control. The best time for this is during late summer, as soon as the eggs hatch. Also, one must make sure that the grass in their yards isn’t overwatered and has adequate drainage because these factors can create a breeding ground for these flies. 

The main thing to know about these crane flies is that they are relatively harmless to human life and are beneficial to our ecosystem because the larvae feed on the decomposing and decaying organic matter.

How to Get Rid of Crane Flies?

As the adult flies are not really harmful, your focus should be on removing these flies’ larvae that cause much more damage. The first step towards getting rid of the larvae is to start with proper care of your lawn, which includes using beneficial nematodes, using insecticides, regular maintenance, mowing, and finally reducing the water supply as these insects need a moist environment to survive.

Apart from keeping the grass bugs free, when used correctly, beneficial nematodes also help in reducing the crane fly larvae by upto fifty percent! So, use these nematodes under professional supervision or get professional help. Also, apply nitrogen on the grass in the lawns during springtime. Not only does this help in making the grass more lush and green, but it also helps prevents the crane fly larvae from feeding on the grass.

Another method of getting rid of this pest is to attract more birds to your lawn. This can be done by adding bird feeders, birdbaths, and nesting sites for these feathered friends. 

So, get rid of those lawn-destroying pests today!


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