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Can’t sleep thinking about whether bed bugs bite your bum? We have all the answers for you, along with prevention techniques. Read on!

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Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are small parasitic insects known to feed exclusively on human blood. Although they threaten public health, bed bugs are not known to spread illness through their bites.

Bed bugs penetrate human skin with a proboscis, a tiny tube-like structure, and ingest blood. They are most active at night and in the early morning hours when people are sleeping. Moreover, according to estimates, one in five Americans has dealt with bed bug infestations themselves or knows someone who has.

Is It Possible For Bed Bugs To Bite Your bum?

Bed bugs can bite and suck blood from your bum, just like any other part of your body, but they won’t crawl inside your bum. Since bed bugs lack the intelligence to target or decide, they bite the surface of the first spot they can reach, including the skin of the bum.

Like all living creatures, they too, need oxygen for survival. Your bum lacks oxygen circulation, making it impossible for bed bugs to enter it. Additionally, your intestine produces methane and hydrogen gases, which can deter bedbugs from entering your butt.

A hungry bed insect cannot possibly crawl across your skin to enter your bum. Furthermore, they will have to crawl via other areas of your skin before attempting to enter your butt. They are most likely to bite the first thing they come into touch with.

Reasons Why Bed Bugs Will Not Go Up Your Bum

Like every other skin on your body, the skin on your bum is similar. For Bed bugs, there is no excuse for avoiding the first skin contact on your bottom or any other region and entering instead. The following facts will deter bed bugs even if they try to go into your bum.

1. Gases

Do Bed Bugs Bite Your Bum2

The large intestines always receive undigested food expelled from the small intestines. Once they arrive, there are specific microorganisms that will disintegrate them. Your bum is probably where CO2, hydrogen, and methane gas will escape during the breakdown.

Due to their inability to breathe normally in a closed atmosphere, bed bugs are repelled by those gases. Even if you sleep without any clothes on, this is a significant factor that prevents them from going up your buttocks.

2. Heat

The constant heat of the butt can tempt bedbugs to bite the skin. The extreme temperatures, however, prevent them from entering inside the bum. Additionally, the atmosphere is stifling; if they try to squeeze through the bum, nothing will draw them in.

Bed bugs can get uncomfortable when enclosed in heat, which is one of the elements that help them discover their hosts. This explains why they hardly ever bite between the bum crack or even attempt to enter due to the intense heat within.

3. Lack Of Oxygen

The anal entrance is a microscopic orifice that constantly lets corrosive body gases out. There is less airflow because of this. Since there is no oxygen flow, bed bugs that go into your buttocks will be unable to breathe.

Although the carbon dioxide produced by the bum is diluted with other gases, bed bugs are attracted to it. This makes it difficult for them to notice it, which naturally lowers their chances of attempting to open your bum.

4. Stools

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Human feces are typically acidic but can occasionally be alkaline, depending on the individual’s digestive system. Bed bugs cannot thrive in an enclosed space where substances released by the excrement have changed the environment. Raised alkaline or acidic pH levels can prevent bed bugs from crawling up your behind.

If stools are left inside, they will also prevent pests from entering. The excrement will accumulate on bed bugs if they manage to crawl up to your bum. Their body won’t be able to breathe as a result, which will result in death.

5. Rectal Discharge

Recta secretes mucus on its own, which aids in lubricating feces as they pass out. The anal walls are constantly filled with this slick mucus. The rectal discharge prevents bed bugs from climbing up and into your bottom.

The mucus is so thick that it can obstruct the breathing holes in their abdomen. Bed bugs can easily get through this discharge since they can combine with stools. Therefore, since those innate characteristics prevent it, there is no need to be concerned about bugs entering your body through the bum.

How To Avoid Having Bed Bugs Bite Your Bum

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Bed bugs cannot burrow into your bum but can bite the skin around it. Since it is not different from the rest of the body, bed bugs will bite your bum if it is accessible to them. Here are some steps that you can take to prevent them from biting your bum.

Bed bugs can hide in your clothing if you live in a bug-infested home and bite you at any time. Any exposed region, including your bum, can be bit by them as they are free to crawl on you. The ones still in bed will wait for you to get in, so they bite you at night.

Eliminating a significant infestation is the first step in stopping them from biting your behind. Since bed bugs die in hot temperatures, you can wash your clothing and bedding items in hot water.

The only method to get rid of a severe infestation is to seek the assistance of pest control professionals. Make sure no bed bugs are hiding in your mattress and linens by inspecting them.

If you find any, wash them in hot, soapy water, then dry them at high temperatures. Washing your bedding won’t prevent bed bugs from biting you if the room is still contaminated. Since they are adept at locating a food source, they will still climb into your bed.

You can wear some boxers or shorts when sleeping after you realize there is an infestation. Since it grows warm at night, many individuals dislike sleeping in tight underwear. However, your private areas and overall bum can be protected against bed bugs if you wear some clothes while sleeping. Lastly, apply bed bug repellant to your body, including your bum.


Stopping the insects from entering, eating on, and reproducing in human surroundings is the key to avoiding bed bug attacks.

Bed bugs frequently hide out during the daylight in the crevices and cracks of furniture, flooring, walls, and beds. Upholstered furniture’s folds and seams can also make for the perfect hiding spot. Vacuum canisters or units are known to host bed bugs.

The insects frequently choose hiding places close to where people sleep, like beds. Other rooms with bed bugs are typically a symptom of a serious infestation.


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