29 DIY Tin Can Crafts And Projects You’ll Love

Reuse old tin cans to create something awe-inspiring with these tin can crafts and projects! You’ll be surprised by the creativity of these ideas!

1. Tin Can Wind Chime

Tin Can Crafts 1

Offset the ultra-feminine appeal of wind chimes with this quaint tin can alternative. Get more details here.

2. Fruit Can Centerpiece

Tin Can Crafts 2

It would be a shame to toss such pretty tin cans in the bin, instead, use them as vases to brighten up your work desk. We got the idea from here.

3. Dipped Tin Can Storage

Tin Can Crafts 3

Tin cans dipped in nude shades add a bright and airy feel to a space-cramped room. Learn how to make them here.

4. Real Working Speakers Made Out of Old Tin Cans

Tin Can Crafts 4

These DIY speakers are the maximum technical help you can get from your tin cans. Visit wired for more details.

5. Tin Can Planters for Spring

Tin Can Crafts 5

Done up in cheery spring colors, these upcycled tin cans are a charming addition to the outdoor party table or as handmade Easter gifts. Know more here.

6. Halloween Tin Can Bowling

Halloween Tin Can Bowling

These ghoulish cans are an excellent way to deter offenders from the threshold of your house. Check out the tutorial here.

7. Tin Can Crafts – Snowman

Tin Can Snowman

This easy-to-make winter decor is the sturdiest a snowman could ever get. Here are the instructions.

8. Tin Can Drums

Tin Can Drums

These makeshift tin can drum give out a deep-throated sound that goes well with other musical accompaniments. We were inspired by redtedart.

9. Washi Tape Tin Can Pen Holders

Washi Tape Tin Can Pen Holders

Give a pretty bent to tin cans with layers of patterned washi tape that best reflect the colors of the season. Follow this post for more details.

10. Tin Can Crafts – Mini Shelf

Tin can mini shelves leave little accents around your home while displaying figurines in the cutest way possible. See the tutorial here.

11. Tin Can Utensil Holder

As fancy as it looks, this tin can spoon rack is actually cheaper than the cheapest spoon in your kitchen. The step by step instructions is here.

12. Tin Can Desk Lamp

The glossy finish of tin cans blends beautifully with the glow of lamps to create a cozy feel that helps you bring out your A-game to the study table. Get inspired by this post.

13. Tin Can Christmas Tree

This year, let this tin can Christmas tree be a fun art activity for the kids to do during the boring holiday season. Learn more by reading this article.

14. Tin Can Lanterns

This can-enclosed light adds oodles of character to your bedroom and looks just as fancy as the costlier stuff around. All you need to know is here.

15. DIY Floral Container Covers for Tin Cans

This tabletop vase here is sure to be the talking point at your next dinner party.

16. Tin Can Creatures

These whimsical figures made using tin cans and googly eyes are sure to put a smile on your face. Here is a detailed article on it.

17. Tin Can Telephone

Tin can telephone can be used as fun playthings for the kids; plus they get to learn something important about sound waves. Project details are here.

18. Tin Can Mobile

This jazzy wind mobile is made by assembling tin cans that have been smothered with glittered dust to hide their humble beginnings.

19. Rustic Twine Wrapped Tin Can Vase

Some paint and some twine and you have rustic-looking tin cans that do justice to handpicked autumn blooms. The steps are here for you to follow.

20. Tin Can Crafts – Votives Candles

If you feel that holly wreaths and fireplace stockings are too in-your-face, these stenciled tin cans are a subtle way to usher the holiday season. Visit archive for project details.

21. Burlap-Covered Tin Can Candle Holders—Perfect for a Wedding!

Burlap ribbons are a low-cost way of adding a vintage touch to tin cans. Access the tutorial here.

22. Tin Can Rose

The everlasting glow of these upcycled tin can roses, make them perfect as an anniversary present for someone you love. Get more details here.

23. Tin Can Knitting Loom

This tin can knitting loom is an easy and inexpensive way to get the yarn ball rolling. To know more, click here.

24. Tin Can Bird Feeder

This sturdy bird-feeder is a nice way to invite those colorful pollinators in your garden. Check out the way to make it here.

25. Mood Lighting From Tin Cans

Tin can candle holders add character to any space and are an easy way to create a mood on a budget. Visit translate for the steps.

26. Hanging Hairbrush Storage from Tin Cans

Running hither tither to find your hairbrush is the last thing you want on busy mornings. Enter tin can hairbrush holders to solve this problem by thecreativeimperative.

27. Tin Can Crafts – Wine Rack

This asymmetrical tin can rack with its countervailed blocks of color makes for an eye-catching way to display your wine collection. Brit provides the project details.

28. Tin Can Portable Rocket Stove

This super-efficient and unbelievably lightweight stove sure top our list of upcycled innovations with tin cans. The simple way to make it is here.

29. Tin Can Nautical Rope Vase

The rustic appeal of this tin can-turned-rope vase is perfect for showing off gorgeous blossoms without overpowering their beauty. The steps are here.


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