DIY Steampunk Decor | 19th-Century Industrial Decor

Bring back the 19th-century to your indoors with these DIY steampunk decor ideas that you can easily re-create at home!

1. Industrial Mirror Makeover

Many of us agree that the punk industrial makeovers provide a classy yet thrilling look to the surroundings. In case you’re not in the mood to go all-funky, you can stick to giving an industrial makeover to a mirror.

2. DIY Steampunk Decor Ideas

This video has 8 steampunk home decor ideas compiled so that you can choose what best suits your interest. You can go as minimal with a wall clock or as grand with a treasure chest, it’s all up to your liking!

3. Steampunk Inspired Wall Decor

If you wish to do some grand changes to the room without having to install many accessories, you can opt for a wall decor DIY. Check out the video to understand the DIY better.

4. Industrial Bookshelf

DIY Steampunk Decor1

Install pipes and shelves on a wall to create a bookshelf on a budget. If not a large wall space, you can even use the idea to adjust the measurement as per the space available in your home.

5. Steampunk Wall Sculpture

DIY Steampunk Decor2

You can buy this steampunk wall sculpture from Amazon to increase the industrial aesthetics of your living room. Pair it up with industrial sofas and a brick hearth to provide a complete makeover to the room.

6. Mount Ceiling Light

DIY Steampunk Decor3

Pair up certain industrial elements with this mount ceiling light to give a quick makeover to your surrounding. No doubt, the industrial decor does bring a very nice ambiance and is a mood lightener.

7. World Map Poster

DIY Steampunk Decor4

If not for yourself, you can buy this world map poster for a friend that has an industrial touch to it with a warm hue. It’s easy to install and a fun way to bring the steampunk theme home.

8. Restore Old Furniture

Instead of buying or investing in new items, you can transform and restore your old furniture in such a way that it exhibits a rustic and industrial appeal. Refer to the video to know more.

9. Steampunk Box

Use your household items to create this steampunk box and use it as a bedside storage box, it serves two purposes in one. The greatest part of this idea is that it uses household items, which makes it cheap and easy to assemble.

10. Gear Wall Clock

Gear clocks are one of the infamous industrial items that one can definitely give a try. If you think this wall clock is too cheery for a steampunk decor idea, you can try a copper hue instead of silver.

11. DIY Steampunk Lamp

A bedside lamp is an easy way to DIY an industrial item without making much effort. All you need is metallic copper paint, a copper chain, a lampshade, some gears, keys, and glue that will bond metals.

12. Industrial Light Fixture

How fun would it be to DIY a light fixture that’s attached to a few industrial pipes? You’ll never know unless you try doing it at home! Grab the supplies and get going.

13. DIY Steampunk Decor

Sepia tones are said to emit a rustic and steampunk look. If you wish to keep it within a budget, edit some photos in a sepia hue and print them on photo paper to decorate your wall.

14. Victorian Wallpaper

Anything that feels rustic might be able to give a steampunk or industrial feel but only if you do it right! Use victorian wallpaper to bring the industrial theme into action!

15. Vintage Trunk Table

A wall clock, light fixture, and a DIY trunk table, all can work together to get you the vintage look that you’ve been craving. However, if you want to make it more industrial-like, you can paint everything a dark color like grey and copper.

16. Textural Contrast Wall

DIY Steampunk Decor5

Why not try these textured wall painting ideas and paint them in a darker or sepia tone to customize them for a industrial feel. Instead of a frame, you can even opt to paint an entire wall if you have the skills necessary.

17. Antique Mirror

If investing in extra accessories or buying new mirrors is not your thing, you can turn your mirror into a rustic mirror in no time! This video has the best tutorial to bring your thoughts to action.

18. A Wood Jewelry Box

Even though it’s too plain and new-like in the video, you can always customize it with your creativity to provide a steampunk theme to it. Watch the video and plan out the steps.

19. DIY Belt Chair Renovation

DIY Chair Makeover

A belt chair is sure to give the chills of an industrial era and is not so expensive as well. Find the tutorial with other details on the Shelterness.

20. Cogwheel Mirrors

Cogwheel Mirrors

Why only try gears on a wall clock? Try installing some gear-like mirrors to exhibit your inner steampunk fan! Pair it up with a dark wall to bring back the 19th-century industrial world!


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