40+ DIY Room Decor Ideas With Paper | DIY Paper Crafts for Home Decor

These DIY Room Decor Ideas With Paper will crack open your inner crafter and pose you with a wide variety of room decor possibilities!

1. Paper Wreath

DIY room decor ideas with paper 1

Imitate this wreath DIY to take your room decor to another level of creativity. Hang it on your front door or the wall of your room, it looks great everywhere. You can get the DIY at The Crafty Blog Stalker.

2. Paper Chestnut Leaves

DIY room decor ideas with paper 3

Faux plants are a great choice for the room decor as they don’t require any sort of care or attention to sustain. Cut out small chestnut leave shapes from a green paper and attach them with wire and paper strips. We found the idea here.

3. Cricut Banners

DIY room decor ideas with paper 4

Make these wonderful and vibrant banners to make your room festive ready. You can display them either on the door, on the wall, or your door. Get help from this step-by-step tutorial.

4. Paper Cuts

DIY room decor ideas with paper 5

Paper cuts never go out of style, whether you wish to celebrate your wedding or the welcome of your baby; it’s perfect. Use Cricut to prepare your designs and cut them on card stocks. Visit Cutting For Business.

5. Paper Wisteria Plant

DIY room decor ideas with paper 6

The possibilities of plants that you can make with paper are endless. Wisteria is a perfect choice to bring in a shade of purple and green in your room. This DIY looks as if it’s real without much hassle.

6. Paper Daisies

DIY room decor ideas with paper 7

Colorful paper daisies with some essential oil fragrance can be your way to bring in nature’s goodness to your indoors. Apart from a variety of craft supplies, you might need this tutorial to complete the project.

7. Geometric Bowls

DIY room decor ideas with paper 8

Print the folding template for a geometric bowl from here and follow the instructions at Tatertots And Jello. You can use scrapbook papers or any other thick paper material to ensure a sturdy outcome.

8. Paper Lanterns

DIY room decor ideas with paper 9

Light up the darkness of your room with this cost-effective paper lantern made using coverstock, spray paint, and glue. Houseful Of Handmade has a complete direction.

9. 3D Letter Art

DIY room decor ideas with paper 10

Embellish your room wall with your initials or some motivating word with this DIY 3-D Letter art idea. Along with the wall art, they also provide a tutorial on paper storage jars to display right below the letter art.

10. Ombre Paper Mobile

DIY room decor ideas with paper 11

Take a long string and glue different colored papers onto it to recreate this paper mobile idea. This is an adorable craft to finish with your kids to crack open their creative minds.

11. Giant Paper Flowers

Get to know everything that might help you in creating a durable and sturdy wallflower for your room decor. A bunch of vibrant colored flowers can be used in many ways around your room, the possibilities are endless. Get help at Maison And Pax.

12. DIY Paper Geode Garland

DIY room decor ideas with paper 13

With a little bit of cutting and creasing of craft paper, you can easily imitate the garland DIY above. Lia Griffith has a detailed tutorial.

13. Paper Succulent Centerpiece

DIY room decor ideas with paper 14

How about displaying this paper succulent centerpiece in your room’s tabletop? This site will aid you with the list of supplies and the step-by-step tutorial.

14. Wall Art

DIY room decor ideas with paper 15

Whether this project is suitable for our list of DIY room decor ideas with paper or not, it’s definitely worth a try. It’s a cheap idea for a room decor, which you can easily alter as per the festive season. If you are eager to seek more wall decor DIYs, visit here.

15. 3D DIY Paper Photo Frames

DIY room decor ideas with paper 16

Customize a handmade photo frame to display your favorite memories or quotes without spending much on store-bought frames. Visit Paper shape to know more.

16. DIY Diamon Pendant Light

DIY room decor ideas with paper 18

Let this paper pendant spread bright glow in your living area that too with minimum expense. Although Hungry Heart.se doesn’t provide a free template, you can purchase it from them.

17. DIY Wall Art

DIY room decor ideas with paper 19

Unlike other DIY room decor ideas with paper on this list, this is the easiest of all. Staple chicken wire to the back of the frame and insert rolled colored paper into the openings of the wire. Know more at Sugar And Cloth.

18. DIY Paper Scroll

DIY room decor ideas with paper 20

You’ll require a dowel rod, kraft paper, hot glue, spray paint, sharpie, and some twine. You can feature some motivational quotes or any phrase you want. Learn it at The Junq Drawer.

19. 3D Paper Wall Art

DIY Room Decor With Paper 21Score and fold each corner of a square sheet towards the center of the page. By using the same technique, create twenty-eight sets of such squares. Find further details at Forrent.

20. Paper Easter Eggs

What if we tell you that these easter eggs are no plastic but rather a work of paper mache? Unbelievably true! Get the ideas at Martha Stewart.

21. Paper Doily Snowflakes

DIY Room Decor With Paper 23

Buy a pack of paper doilies from your nearby Dollar Tree store and convert them into these fun and easy snowflakes. Keep your home winter ready with this snowflake DIY.

22. Cathedral Lamp

DIY Room Decor With Paper 24

Recreate this pendant cathedral paper lamp idea to bring in some comfortable and romantic appeal to your room. You can get access to the idea at The Instructables.

23. Paper Flower Backdrop

DIY Room Decor With Paper 26

What about displaying these little flowers above your headboard with some string lights? That would create an amazing focal point in your bedroom. We got the idea at Green Wedding Shoes.

24. Paper Heart Wall Art

DIY Room Decor With Paper 27

A unique and pretty idea, which you can create by folding paper petals and gluing them on the wall. The post belongs to Fab Art DIY.

25. Wax Paper Backdrop

DIY Room Decor With Paper 28

This stunning backdrop is a perfect way to add an airy impact in your room. Though originally it’s a wedding backdrop yet you can use it for home decor too. Know more at Style Me Pretty.

26. Paper Mache Animal Mount

DIY Room Decor With Paper 29

Who knew something this amazing could be created with some newspaper, paper towel, water, and mod podge! Visit Lil Blue Boo.

27. Valentine’s Day Rosette Frame

DIY Room Decor With Paper 30

Celebrate this valentine’s day with a couple of these paper heart frames to create a romantic setting. The project is an innovation of The Idea Room.

28. Pinwheels Background

DIY Room Decor With Paper 31

Assemble a bunch of pinwheels to work as a wall backdrop for your territory! It’s available at Bird Design.

29. Panel Tree

DIY Room Decor With Paper 32

This Christmas themed panel tree can be created in 10 minutes straight once you get the template for it. Idea courtesy is on Ashbee Design Silhouette Projects.

30. Paper Flowers

DIY Room Decor With Paper 34

Flowers make delicate decorations and when they are paper flowers, it’s just mesmerizing! Take inspiration from these 14 handmade paper flower art projects.

31. Paper Chandelier

DIY Room Decor With Paper 36

This paper chandelier may not match with any of the fancy chandeliers but can surely add an eye-catching element to your room. The tutorial is at Fleece Fun.

32. DIY Flower Monogram

DIY Room Decor Ideas With Paper 39

Make use of crepe paper and cardboard letter to DIY this flower monogram. Cut out petals from a crepe paper and twist and turn it to form a petal that looks real. Understand the further details in this video.

33. DIY Wall Decor

Imagine how wonderful and natural this wall decor would look in your interior without employing much effort. Watch this video to understand the steps.

34. Paper Star Lantern

DIY Room Decor With Paper 42

Stop praising the star lanterns in the shops instead, make one for your indoor decoration. Even if you don’t want to add lights to the lantern, they’ll still look great. Click here for the DIY.

35. Photo Cards

DIY Room Decor With Paper 43

Display a handmade family-tree card at your desk to celebrate your family history with your creativity. Learn the DIY here.

36. Paper Snowflakes

DIY Room Decor With Paper 44

Embellishing your home with paper snowflakes is a great way to keep your home winter ready. Watch this video to learn five easy ways to craft a paper snowflake.

37. DIY Crane Curtain

DIY Room Decor With Paper 45

Build a paper privacy screen plus decorative element with this crane curtain DIY. If you already know origami folding techniques, this would be easier for you as compared to the beginners. Get the project at Home Esthetics.

38. Paper Calendar

DIY Room Decor With Paper 46

Begin your new year with a handmade feel with this mini calendar at your tabletop. Although the tutorial directs you to a 2017 calendar, you can find the current year template of google. Click here.

39. Wall Decor DIY

DIY Room Decor With Paper 47

This blue floral art oozes charismatic appeal to your wall decor. It’s capable of giving an exciting and decorative accent to its surrounding.

40. Paper Wall Hanging

DIY Room Decor With Paper 49

Breakable, heavy, and costly wall hangings are not everyone’s cup of tea but this creative paper is hanging surely is. Nice way of appreciating DIY room decor ideas with paper.

41. DIY Wind Chime

DIY Room Decor With Paper 50

Give your dull room a fascinating twist with this paper wind chime idea. Go ahead and check out this tutorial to imitate the DIY.


  1. You have shared such lovely and creative home decor ideas. I would love to try these things in my house to give it a new look.


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