DIY Pull Up Bar At Home | DIY Wall Mounted Pull Up Bar

Make a DIY pullup bar at home to bring in gym like experience at home without investing in the costly gym equipment.

DIY Pull Up Bar At Home

Required Material

DIY Pull Up Bar At Home

  1. Pipes
  2. Duct Tape
  3. Silicon Tape
  4. Electrical Tape
  5. Bar Tape
  6. Mounting Bracket
  7. Pipe Caps
  8. Equal Tee


1. Wrap Silicon

DIY Pull Up Bar At Home

Start by wrapping the ends of the longest pipe with a silicon tape. Do this step with the other pipes too. You’ll need two small pipes, two medium and two long. Refer to the video below to get an estimate of the sizes.

2. Assemble pipe

DIY Pull Up Bar At Home

Fit in the equal tee to either side of the longest pipe. To the downward opening of the tee, fit the small-sized pipes. Fix the mount brackets to the pipes that will hold your pull up bar to the wall.

3. Fit Handle

DIY Pull Up Bar At Home

Fix in the other two pipes to serve as the handle of your pull up bar. This is probably the easiest method for creating a DIY pull-up bar at home. You’ll get all these supplies in your nearby plumbing store.

4. Fit The Cap

DIY Pull Up Bar At Home

Once you assemble all the fittings together; fit the caps on the ends of the handle. But before fitting the caps you must wrap the pipe threads with silicon tape as in the first step.

5. Wrap Bar Tape

DIY Pull Up Bar At Home

Finally, start wrapping bar-tape around the pipes. Bar Tape helps you to have a sturdy grip while doing the exercise.

6. Secure With Duct Tape

DIY Pull Up Bar At Home

Once you wrap all the pipes with bar-tape, secure them with duct tape at the ends. And finally, finish the edges using electrical tape.

7. Ready to use

DIY Pull Up Bar At Home

This is all you need to do to DIY Pull up bar at home! Fix the mounting brackets to any wall and start exercising today! No doubt making a DIY pull up bar at home is an easy and fun activity. This DIY will help you to enjoy exercising with pull up bars and save money at the same time.

Why DIY A Pull Up Bar At Home?

First things first, homemade pull-up bars are a way to ignore the heavy expense of gym or costly pull-up bars. Secondly, pull-up bars are good for any age group as it enhances the grip power of your hands with many other benefits. There are many ways in which you can exercise with a pull-up bar, the list is here. We hope that you’ll install a DIY pull-up bar at your home and stay healthy and fit throughout!

Check out the video tutorial on DIY Pull up Bar at Home:


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