DIY Pencil Decorations | 12 Pencil Craft Ideas and Uses

Looking for some family-friendly crafts? Try these fun and creative DIY Pencil Decoration Craft ideas.

1.  Marbled Pencils

Spice up your regular pencils with gold liquid gilding. This can be a perfect back-to-school craft, involve your kids to increase their creativity. You can visit The Spruce Crafts to get the detailed instructions.

2. Confetti Pencils

Adorn a white-color pencil with colorful polka dots, following the tutorial here. White, of course, looks more joyous with other bright colors but you can choose any single-color pencil.

3. Flower Pencil

Handmade this pencil with a flower at the bottom, it’s a crafty and beautiful gift for teacher’s day! One benefit of this is your kids will never replace these if they use it for themselves! Here’s the idea.

4. Sprout Pencils

Sprout up herbs using a pencil with water-activated seed capsule in its tip. Later they act as a plant marker for you to easily recognize the herb plant. Visit FireBox to get the inspiration.

5. Sprout Pencils

This video tells you everything about sprout pencils, it’s origin, usage, and procedure! Once you plant these sprout pencils, you’ll never be bored of them!

6. DIY Hair Do

For those of you who love curls, this inexpensive DIY is sure to capture your attention! This link provides with/without heat procedure for using a pencil as curler tool!

7. Pencil Hairstyles

Here’s 3 different and quick bun hairstyle you can style using just a pencil! These are simple and perfect for lazy girls for success back-to-school hairstyle!

8. 6 Pen Tricks

This DIY shows you how to use pen/pencil in 6 different craft ways that are exceptionally useful and ingenious. They are all cheap to make and gets ready in minutes!

9. Pencil Toppers

Children usually borrow pencils and pens and forget to return as if they own them, here’s the solution to this problem. This way your kids will never lose their stationery!

10. Colored Pencil Favor Box

This structure is for all those who are looking to decorate their favor boxes without much mess! Try this project with this easy tutorial.

11. Pinwheel Pencil

Beautify any pencil with these cute and adoring pinwheel pencil toppers, it’s a perfect gift for your daughter for this valentine. We found the idea here.

12. Teacher Gift

Another pencil topper idea to follow, get the instructions at My Mommy World.



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