35 Functional DIY Nightstand Ideas to Beautify your Bedroom

DIY nightstand ideas to transform the look of your bedroom on a budget. We have all sort of ideas to fit your need- from rustic to modern and easy to intermediate.

1. DIY Mid Century Nightstand

DIY Nightstand Ideas 1

The first idea in our list of DIY nightstand ideas– create a wooden box using plywood sheets and wood glue and lastly, add the hairpin legs to the box and you’re done. Find a detailed tutorial here.

2. DIY Rustic Nightstand

DIY Nightstand Ideas 2

Recycle milk crates in making an inexpensive nightstand using wood stain, wood glue, and screws. Find out more at Simply Real Moms.

3. DIY Nightstand And Headboard

DIY Nightstand Ideas 3

Build a DIY X-stand nightstand using pine wood, poplar, braces, screws, stain, and paint. Look how it’s made here.

4. DIY Two-Toned Nightstand

DIY Nightstand Ideas 4

Prepare your DIY skills and hardware tools to build a two-toned modern nightstand in a day. Homedit has the tutorial.

5. DIY Nightstand Ideas – Pallet Nightstand

DIY Nightstand Ideas 5

There are multiple garden pallet projects on the web, but this DIY nightstand idea with pallet can give a rustic appeal to your bedroom. Visit Instructables to get more details on this project.

6. DIY Floating Nightstand

DIY Nightstand Ideas 6

Enter the world of magic by letting this nightstand float in the air with yelling out a modern influence! Try your hand in this project here.

7. Sliding Barn Door Nightstand

DIY Nightstand Ideas 7

This sliding barn door nightstand is a perfect combination of modernity and old classic at the same time. The tutorial is available on Shanty 2 Chic.

8. DIY Bookshelf Nightstand

DIY Nightstand Ideas 8

If you have a never-ending love for reading and it’s the last you thing do before going to bed, this DIY is best suited for you. Cut wood pieces to the right measurement and lastly assemble them as here.

9. DIY Nightstand from Plyboard

DIY Nightstand Ideas 9

You need to cut a board into the right measurements and fix the parts using nails and drill. Furthermore, you can stain the nightstand as you like to personalize it even more.

10. DIY Vintage Suitcase Nightstand

DIY Nightstand Ideas 10

Stack up some vintage suitcases in descending order to recreate this idea, that’s it! Here are some more images of some suitcase nightstands to inspire you.

11. DIY Nightstand Ideas – Tree Stump Nightstand

DIY Nightstand Ideas 11

Nail some leg stands to a tree log to create a natural and beautiful nightstand in no time. Coat some clear paint or varnish to the log to protect it from damage.

12. DIY Nightstand Cum Pet Bed

DIY Nightstand Ideas 12

A nightstand that serves multiple purposes! That’s one statement that defines this project quite well. It’s a pet bed, recycles old dresser, and makes a beautiful nightstand, of course. Visit here.

13. DIY Nightstand Ideas – Cinder Block Nightstand

DIY Nightstand Ideas 13

Stack up cinder blocks in a similar fashion to imitate this inexpensive nightstand renovation in your room. To add extra texture to it, you can paint the blocks with acrylic paint.

14. DIY Suitcase Nightstand

DIY Nightstand Ideas 14

Attach century legs to a suitcase using screws, and that’s all you need to do! We found the idea at The Weathered Wood.

15. Hanging Nightstand

DIY Nightstand Ideas 15

Make a pallet out of flat wooden sticks, drill, and nails. Secure the pallet in the air with the help of twine and a ceiling hook. Get it here.

16. DIY Marble Nightstand

One of the most beautiful nightstand in our list of DIY nightstand ideas. Give a new appearance to your old nightstand with marble contact paper, some paint, and a knob. Watch the video above to understand the step by step tutorial.

18. DIY Cooper Nightstand

DIY Nightstand Ideas 18

Form a copper nightstand to present as a gift or use it in your bedroom; it’s a fantastic DIY anyway. Follow the procedure here.

19. DIY Ladder Nightstand

DIY Nightstand Ideas 19

Secure some wooden boards across the rungs of an old ladder to replicate this farmhouse style nightstand. Find more about it here.

20. One Room Challenge Nightstand

DIY Nightstand Ideas 20

Give a slight makeover to your nightstand by merely coating the knobs with Rust-oleum spray paint. We found the idea here.

21. Maple Nightstand Makeover

DIY Nightstand Ideas 21

Here’s a helpful tutorial description, which can help you to give a new look to your nightstand without spending much.

22. Chalk Paint Nightstand

DIY Nightstand Ideas 22

You’ll need chalk paint, knobs, soft wax, and brushes to complete this nightstand DIY. Click here to seek the tutorial.

23. Old Wine Crate Nightstand

DIY Nightstand Ideas 23

One of the most inexpensive ways to build a nightstand is to reuse a wine crate with some modifications. The tutorial is available at Pillar Box Blue.

24. DIY Three Shelve Nightstand

DIY Nightstand Ideas 24

Convert a three-shelf organizing shelf into an affordable nightstand with only a few supplies. Learn how to do it here.

25. Cottage Style Nightstand

DIY Nightstand Ideas 25

Give a cottage-style makeover to an old nightstand using latex paint, sandpaper, and brushes. Visit HGTV for more!

26. DIY Cheese Box Nightstands

DIY Nightstand Ideas 26

Attach castors on a cheesebox, and you’re nearly done with the DIY, pretty simple! The idea is initially available at Design Sponge.

27. Make a Nightstand

Glue a round wooden base to a wired basket using some strong heavy duty adhesive, that’s all. For more details, refer to the video above.

28. DIY Copper Pipe Nightstand

Building this modern copper pipe nightstand can prove to be challenging to many, but it’s certainly worth every effort. You can see how it’s done in the video above.

29. Floating Nightstand

DIY Nightstand Ideas 29

Install this modern and stylish floating nightstand by your bed to emit a rustic appeal. Find out the step by step here.

30. Small X End Nightstand Table

DIY Nightstand Ideas 30

Construct this x-end table, which can be put in a small area without any struggle. You’ll need some hardware, plywood and pine, screws, wood filler, glue, stain, and this tutorial.

31. DIY Compact Pipe Nightstand

DIY Nightstand Ideas 31

This DIY is a lightweight nightstand, which uses flanges, close nipples, pipe, screws, and a wood log. Instructables has the tutorial.

32. DIY Bookshelf Nightstand

DIY Nightstand Ideas 32

To imitate this DIY bookshelf nightstand, visit here to seek a step by step how-to.

33. One Board Nightstand

DIY Nightstand Ideas 33

This lovely three leg end table not just emits a modern appeal but is excellent for a small space room. Here are the directions.

34. DIY Nightstand On Wheels

DIY Nightstand Ideas 34

A nightstand that’s easily movable helps you in your cleaning routine as well as changing the location as you need. Visit here.


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