22 DIY Movie Night Gift Basket Ideas That Anyone Will Love

These DIY movie night gift basket ideas are apt for all occasions and are totally adorable. We’ve collected the best ideas from across the web that’ll fit your budget.

1. Movie Night Gift Basket

Movie Night Gift Basket Ideas 1

Fill up an ordinary plastic bucket with the right movie night supplies as popcorn containers, candy box, tissue papers and so on. Visit Stock Piling Moms for more details.

2. Tin Movie Night Gift Basket

tin gift Basket

Decorate a large tin basket with scrapbook paper, some tags and fill it with popcorn jar snd chocolates. Follow a similar idea here.

3. Movie Night Gift Basket Ideas – Gift In a Jar

Gift In a Jar

This movie night gift basket is a fabulous idea to surprise your movie crazy friend with something needful this Christmas. Visit Flour On My Face to know in detail.

4. Candy Movie Night Gift Basket

Candy Gift Basket

A DIY perfect to set up a romantic movie night date with your beloved or to gift to a friend, it’s a great idea anyway! Visit here.

5. Date Night Movie Gift Basket

Date Night Movie Gift Basket

Some caramel popcorn, candy corn, peppermint mocha, candy bars, and other favorite treats are a great addition to a movie night basket. We found this idea here.

6. DIY Wire Gift Basket

Just the right choice of supplies and a wired basket from your nearby store can help you in recreating this movie night gift basket. You can refer to the video above to get an idea about the things you need to have to arrange a movie night basket.

7. Simple Movie Night Gift Basket

In a popcorn bucket, add height by adding crumbled papers and a comfy blanket and add your favorite treats with some ornamental items. Watch the video.

8. Snowman Basket

A snowman makeover to a bucket and a Christmas ribbon is perfect for adding a wintery touch to your movie night basket.

9. Movie Night Gift Basket With Plastic Basket

Whether you use an old basket or buy a new one, the choice of eatables and ornamentation are only that matters to make your gift attractive. The DIY is described in the video.

10. DIY Movie Night Redbox Gift Basket

DIY Handmade Movie Night Redbox Gift Basket

Next time you get confused about what to gift to a teacher, you can opt this movie night basket for sure to offer them a relaxing evening! The idea is here.

11. Popcorn Movie-Night Gift Basket

Popcorn Movie-Night Gift Basket

Customize your movie night basket with items that suit the purpose or the age of the person you’re willing to gift. Get an idea from eHow.

12. DIY Romantic Movie Night Redbox Gift Basket

DIY Romantic Movie Night Redbox Gift Basket

If you’re planning to surprise your dearest with a romantic date and some quality time, consider trying this DIY. Find it here.

13. Wooden Basket Movie-Night Gift Basket

Wooden Basket Movie-Night Gift Basket

Keep your gift basket simple and basic with snacks, sparkling water, a letter, and a fragrance candle. You can also make a DIY candle to give it a porsonal touch. Look here.

14. Family Movie-Night Gift Basket

When you want to spend time with your family while watching your favorite movie, consider making a movie night basket for each member. More details are at Real Coake.

15. Disney Movie Night Gift Basket

Entertain your kids with a movie and a personalized movie night basket in the theme of Disney, they are sure to enjoy! Get the instructions here.

16. DIY Dinner And A Movie Gift Basket

Celebrate the holiday season by giving gifts to your family and friends, which you can customize as per their likings. Cook Eat Go has more information.

17. Coca Cola Gift Basket

Coca Cola Movie Night Gift Basket

If you’re a big fan of drinks from the Coca-Cola company, you’ll love to DIY this basket. Or alternatively, you can try other snacks and drinks if Coca-Cola doesn’t please you much.

18. Wedding Movie Night Gift Basket

Wedding Gift: Movie Night Gift Basket

Fill a ceramic bowl with popcorn kernels, movie theatre candy, a gift card and wrap it up in cellophane and ribbon. Visit The Craft Patch.

19. Cozy Movie Night Gift Bucket

Cozy Movie Night Gift Bucket

Get your movie night basket as basic or as fancy as you want, customize it with the snacks and treats of your choice. Visit Crafting Cheerfully.

20. Couples Gift Basket

Couples Movie Night Gift Basket

Prepare an exotic and romantic night for yourself or for a newly married couple with some lovely goodies in a basket. For instance, take inspiration here.

21. Movie Night Gift Basket With Fabric Basket

Movie Night Gift Basket With Fabric Basket

The thing about movie baskets is that they are easily customizable and can be done with any container, small or big; tin or fabric! Take inspiration from Every Day Party.

22. DIY Christmas Movie Night Gift Basket

Here’s another movie night basket idea that’s perfect for a Christmas or Thanksgiving gift. Follow the video for the tutorial.


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