Here are some easy and crafty DIY Macrame Patterns you can try to give you home a new look for free!

1. DIY Macrame Plant Holder Wall Hanging

DIY Macrame Patterns 1

This living breathing macrame hanger infuses freshness and good vibes into your living room. Get the details here.

2. DIY Hanging Macramé Chair

DIY Macrame Patterns 2

This cozy macrame hammock chair has the potential to transform your balcony into your favorite tropical getaway.

3. Macramé Lamp Cord

DIY Macrame Patterns 3

This lone lamp chord is sure to make reading times more relaxing than ever. More on it at rennes.

4. Macramé Table Runner

DIY Macrame Patterns 4

Forget about the food or the weather, this macrame table runner always gets to be the conversation starter in parties.

5. Macramé Pendant

DIY Macrame Patterns 5

Watch how this 20’s style macrame hanging transforms an ordinary bedroom into a boutique-like accommodation. Check here for more.

6. Macrame Pouf

DIY Macrame Patterns 6

As versatile as macrame itself, this pouf makes for a charming addition to the living room. We found the idea on countryliving.

7. DIY Boho Macrame Play Tent

DIY Macrame Patterns 7

Welcome your little one to the world with this cozy play tent made from macrame rope and curtains.


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