DIY Laptop Skin Ideas To Protect And Decorate Laptop

Protect your laptop from scratches and dirt while decorating it with custom prints by using these DIY laptop skin ideas. 

1. Adhesive Vinyl Laptop Skin

Adhesive Vinyl Laptop Skin

Get this exact design printable at this site and customize your laptop with the skin of your choice. A skin can protect your laptop from scratches or any other sort of damage to an extent. 

2. Custom Laptop Skin

If you posess the basic knowledge of photoshop and editing, creating this laptop skin would be very easy for you. Choose on the images you wish to display on your skin and understand the photoshopping technique in the video. 

3. DIY Laptop Skin 

DIY Laptop Skin Ideas1

Take your laptop’s measurement and process a similar laptop skin for yourself by the help of these instructions. It’s pretty basic and simple to create a custom skin that will suit your spirit. 

4. Cheap Skin For Laptop 

diy laptop skin ideas2

Jazz up your laptop’s look by giving it a makeover using a personalized method to create a laptop skin. Have a look at this Instructable.

5. Customizable Laptop Skin

In case you already have a skin installed, carefully remove it before applying the new one. The DIY to create a new one is in the video above. 

6. Woodgrain Skin

woodgrain Skin

Cut out the measurement of your laptop from a woodgrain contact paper using an xacto knife and stick it to the laptop, simple. We found the idea here.

7. Upgrade Skin

diy laptop skin ideas3

Are you bored with your old laptop skin? Well, update it by replacing another skin over it after removing the old one. Check out a similar idea here.

All these DIY laptop skin ideas are customizable, so you can experiment with them and create a skin that suits your spirit well. If you happen to innovate a laptop skin, you can share them in the comments below to flaunt your creativity! 


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