DIY Furniture Risers | How to Raise Furniture

Check out the DIY Furniture Risers tutorials below and raise your furniture for the elderly people or just for some extra storage space!

1. Adjustable Bed Risers

Cut a few boards of 6 inches each with two holes and attach the pieces together to make DIY furniture risers for yourself with adjustable height. This is an easy way to save money and be efficient with your daily needs!

2. Quick Couch Risers

A couch riser will be a life-saver for those with arthritis or Knee pain and often struggle with getting up and down from the couch. Follow the simple instructions in the video to recreate the Risers.

3. Cheap and Easy Bed Riser

Why invest and outsource a bed riser when you can create it easily at home with minimal supplies and efforts! Find out a quick way to make a DIY furniture riser in the video above.

4. Make DIY Bed Risers

DIY Furniture Risers1

Not all commercial bed risers are sturdy or the right size for your needs. But making one at home is as easy s it gets and will be customized just for your needs and requirements. Find a how-to tutorial.

5. DIY Bed Risers

DIY Furniture Risers2

Do you have some wood lying around from a previous DIY project and don’t know what to use them in? Well, here’s one project for you to use them today!

6. DIY Furniture Risers

DIY Furniture Risers3

Who doesn’t need a little extra storage space in their house? But we often don’t have much space, so what’s the solution? Convert the space below your bed into an efficient storage area with these furniture risers!

7. College Dorm Bed Risers

All college students would agree that money saving is their top priority but with small Dorm rooms, storage is another concern. That’s when DIY bed risers come into action, they’ll cost you almost nothing and save those extra dollars too!

8. Extra Space in Dorm Room

Extra Space in Dorm Room

If you have to move out for college, better be equipped with a handy bed riser for that extra space below your dorm room bed. It’s always a great idea to be prepared before hand!

9. DIY Risers Blocks

Apart from a couch and a bed, you can even give some height to your study or work table pretty easily. Simply check out the video above to get the instructions.

10. Simple Wooden Bed Risers

Simple Wooden Bed Risers

If you’re a beginner in wood works, this project might be the easiest to learn cutting correct measurements and build a useful product simultaneously.

11. Homemade Table Risers

DIY Furniture Risers4

If you often have to bend down while sitting at your table, the table might not be the right height for you. Increase the height of your table at home with this hack.

12. DIY Sofa Riser Hack

Ease the pain of your elderly loved ones while they sit or stand up from a low rise sofa or couch by increasing the height of the furniture. Check out this idea.

13. Couch Riser DIY

Couch Riser DIY

Customize the measurements of your DIY bed riser and adjust the height and width as per your requirements rather than invest in a commercial riser block. Check out the tutorial here.

14. DIY Home Theatre Seating Riser

Some might need to raise the bed or couch, but an elevated home theatre could be the need of some people too. Check out the video to know more.

15. Wooden Table Riser

Wooden Table Riser

If you’re hosting a house party and wish to stand out with your table decor, you could give this DIY a try.

16. DIY Table Risers

DIY Furniture Risers5

Increase the space in your kitchen by using your cutting board as the ultimate storage solution while it’s not in use. Do this by simply adding a few furniture risers below the cutting board.

17. Raised Desktop

Raised Desktop

Make a desktop with inch rise legs so that you have space below and above the furniture on the dinner table. It’s an effective way of adding character to your table while making room for space.

18. DIY Risers

DIY Furniture Risers6

Game up your plant decor game with these Risers that you can make easily at home with minimal supplies. You could also use it as a table top decor or a table itself.

19. Tabletop Buffet Riser

Yes you can afford a tabletop buffet riser with supplies lying around in your house. Check out the tutorial from the video to replicate the idea.


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