8 Homemade DIY Fridge Freshener Recipes to Get Rid of Fridge Odor

Get rid of fridge odors effectively with these DIY fridge freshener recipes. Made with natural ingredients like baking soda, all of these are easy to DIY.

The best way to keep fridge odor free is always to keep it clean, but it’s natural for refrigerators to build certain smells over time. These DIY fridge freshener recipes will help you control the foul fridge smell and freshen it up naturally.

1. DIY Baking Soda Refrigerator Deodorizer

DIY Fridge Freshener 1

Zap out rotting smells from your refrigerator with this deodorant involving baking soda and any natural scent of your choice. Get the details here.

2. Sponge Solution

DIY Fridge Freshener 2

Smearing baking soda on a damp sponge is an excellent way to prolong its deodorizing effects. Get the full hack here.

3. DIY Fridge Freshener

DIY Fridge Freshener 3

This pretty air freshener jar is a perfect replacement for synthetic deodorants and lasts long, which makes it ideal for households. Check out the DIY here!

4. Easy DIY Fridge Freshener

Easy DIY Fridge Deodorizer

This cute and easy-to-make deodorant gives off wafts of fresh lemon every time you open the refrigerator. The detailed article is available at living well mom.

5. Coffee Grounds Refresher

Coffee Grounds Refresher

Nothing like the invigorating scent of coffee grounds to soak up musty smells of leftovers. We found this fantastic idea on ginger casa.

6. Homemade Refrigerator Deodorizers

Homemade Refrigerator Deodorizers

These five-minute lemon discs are for those who are borderline OCD about keeping the fridge clean and scented always. Follow the tutorial here!

7. DIY Lavender Scented Deodorizer

Lavender Scented Deodorizer

If you’re looking for a 100% natural odor absorber that lasts long, consider this lavender-scented deodorant. Get the steps here!

8. Homemade Fridge Odor Remover

Homemade Fridge Odor Remover

This super odor remover removes stinky smells and food stains both, plus the scent doesn’t spoil the food in your fridge. This interesting tutorial is available at theseamanmom.


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