DIY Elf Shirt | DIY Elf Costume Ideas

Whether you are on a budget or you are looking for a DIY Elf Shirt idea as a last-minute Christmas costume, you’re at the right place!

1. DIY Elf Shirt

If you already have a green t-shirt at home, this DIY could be the literal definition of a last-minute costume craft! You could use a red felt sheet to create triangles and attach them around the neck.

2. Elf on the Shelf Costume

Whether it’s for Halloween or Christmas, your kids are going to love dressing up as elves and showing off their little magic tricks! Check out the video tutorial to learn more.

3. Christmas Elf Costume

With the correct materials and measurements, you could sew an Elf costume at home for half the price of a store-bought costume. For step-by-step directions, follow the video.

4. Homemade Elf Costumes

DIY Elf Shirt5

Whether it’s the pointed shoes or the vested top, this tutorial covers all the basics of transforming yourself or your kid into a magical elf!

5. DIY Elf Costume

Costume of the Elves

Pair up a green T-shirt with red pants and a belt for a minimal elf look this festive season. Spruce it up with certain embellishments and that’s all! Have a look here.

6. Budget Elf Costume

DIY Elf Shirt3

Wishing to stay on budget and still dress your kid extravagantly? Try following this blog post for a quick budget-friendly elf costume.

7. Elf Costume Romper

Elf Costume Romper

Repurpose a men’s t-shirt to create a DIY elf romper for a girls’ night stay at your home. You could ask your friends to come along while you create the outfits!

8. Free DIY Elf Costume

DIY Elf Shirt2

A red shirt, green construction paper, and some cotton balls are all you need to recreate this easy and fun DIY. Check out this tutorial by Instructables.

9. DIY Elf Clothesline

DIY Elf Clothesline

Stand differently from the crowd and try showcasing a clothesline garland instead of dressing up as an elf! Check out the tutorial here.

10. DIY Elf Shirt

DIY Elf Shirt1

Use Cricut and heat transfer vinyl to create an elf movie shirt at home on a budget. It doesn’t have to look like an elf for the costume, a dialogue printed on the shirt will work as well.


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