23 DIY Dog Toy Ideas | Homemade Pet Toys

It is the best feeling when you see your dog cherish the toys you put in the effort to make for them, and as a pet owner, it is totally worth it. Here is a list of 23 DIY dog toy ideas you can use to experience that joy!

DIY Dog Toy Ideas

1. Reuse Old Socks For Fascinating Dog Toys

Keeping the dog happy is foremost for every pet lover but it can be challenging since we are not sure what will bring that joy. However, these colorful and vibrant toys are sure to cheer them up and make them super excited! They are easy to make, and you require no additional material besides the out-of-use old socks. See? It is not that difficult to make your dog happy.

2. Easy DIY Dog Toy Using Old T-Shirts

Have a bunch of old T-shirts lying around? Use them to make your dog a new toy! Dogs love you unconditionally, and to reciprocate their love, make them a brand new toy using old t-shirts. It is simple to make if you follow the steps according to the tutorial, and the toy will be ready in no time!

3. DIY Dog Toy Ideas From Household Items

A happy dog leads to a happy owner. Their happiness is shared, and so is their sadness. To make your dog euphoric, use ordinary household items and make him the perfect toy! Refer to the video tutorial above to get some ideas.

4. Repurposed DIY Dog Toys

DIY Dog Toy Ideas1

You can use an old tennis ball or a plastic bottle by converting them into these fun DIY dog toys. Wrapped in cloth with fringes of the clothes hanging on the other side, these are perfect for rough use by the dogs. You can easily make as many as you want once the old ones get spoiled and use a vibrant multi-colored cloth to wrap them to induce curiosity.

5. Recycled T-Shirt Dog Toy

Recycled T-shirt dog activity

This DIY dog toy is a fun and easy way of using old t-shirts to keep your dog in a good mood. Braid strands of old t-shirts together and tie them at both ends. Follow the tutorial for tips and techniques to make this amusing dog toy.

6. Rope Toy

Rope Toy

This tutorial shows how to make a simple DIY dog toy to keep them entertained and curious. Tie a rope in a knot with treats in between as a surprise for your dog to find. Once they successfully open the string, you can tie it again with more goodies. It is easy and will keep them busy playing.

7. Interactive Dog Feeder

DIY Dog Toy Ideas2

Keep your dogs occupied with this interactive dog feeder with old scrap pipes. You will have to clean the interactive toy after each meal, just like you would clean your dog’s plate, so it’s crucial to create the feeder out of dishwasher-safe materials. This tutorial utilizes your skills to make the dogs play while they eat, which helps their meals last longer and is easier to keep them busy with it for more extended periods.

8. Recycled Sweater Toy

Water Bottle Crinkle Toy

You can use old sweaters or t-shirts and convert them into a crinkle toy for the dog. Insert a bottle through the sweater’s sleeves and tie at both ends. The crinkling sound of the plastic bottle will keep the dogs entertained and happy.

9. Denim Dog Toy

Denim Dog Rope

A simple dog toy when you do not have much time to spend or want a DIY toy with the least effort. Cut a section of the old denim jeans and tie it for the dog to play with. Since the denim is a durable fabric, this will last longer and keep your dog away from loneliness and depression.

10. Sweet Potato Dog Chew Toy

Dogs absolutely love and cannot resist chewing toys. Therefore, follow this simple tutorial to make the new favorite toy for your dog! This DIY dog toy will keep your buddy busy, happy, and full for extended periods.

11. Dog Toy With Tennis Balls

DIY Dog Toy Ideas3

Create a tug toy for the dogs that you can make with just an old t-shirt and a tennis ball. Cut through the width of the t-shirt and then tie around the ball. It creates a fun toy for them to chew on and keeps them active.

12. Holding Toy For The Dog

Holding toy for the dog

This tutorial shows a way for you to play with the dogs without moving by tying a long rope with a ball tied at one end. Moreover, you can hang it on the wall/ ceiling and let your furry friend play without losing the toy or going away from the room. This toy is convenient when you are busy working, having an important conversation, or if your dog keeps losing its toy.

13. DIY Agility Jumps For Backyard

DIY Agility Jumps For Backyard

Learning agility with your dog is one of the most exciting things you can do together. Agility is not only an excellent method to exercise, but it’s a fantastic way to bond with them. Moreover, this activity takes place right in your backyard, so it is pretty convenient and fun. Therefore, follow this tutorial to make your own agility jumps for backyard dog fun. However, if you have an older dog, see your veterinarian first to ensure that they are physically capable of participating in this exercise.

14. Simple DIY Pet Toys

DIY Dog Toy Ideas4

Since our furry friends bring us so much joy and affection, we love to reward them with toys and snacks! So why not put in a little effort to make your own DIY pet toys instead of buying them from the store? Making your own toys is not only a terrific way to save money, but it’s a fantastic way to repurpose old shirts that haven’t been used in years!

15. DIY Treat Dispenser

DIY Treat Dispenser

Use a chicken nesting box, PVC pipe, and end caps to create this practical and interactive toy that will chase away your dog’s anxiety and help you develop a stronger bond with your furry love!

16. Leopold’s Crate

Leopold's Crate

Are you tired of your dog pulling out the insides of all the toys you buy or make for it? Don’t worry! We have the perfect tutorial for you that holds the solution to your worries. Follow the directions from the tutorial for a “disemboweling” safe toy. However, be mindful and pay attention in case your dog likes fabric since they might swallow it.

17. Chew Toy Using Socks

DIY Dog Toy Ideas5

Dogs love to play with chew toys, but they tend to destroy them sooner. This DIY chew toy uses old socks that you can then fill with water and freeze for the dog to play with. You can repeat the process once it starts melting or is dripping.

18. Cognitive Dog Toys

Cognitive Dog Activities

Canines are much more intelligent beings and you can use these training DIY games for your dog to enhance their cognitive abilities. Additionally, you can keep them interested and excited with games like finding treats in the toys, a kiddie pool for dogs, or a sniffing test for them. Follow the tutorial for more such ideas.

19. Minimalistic DIY Dog Toys

Every dog requires toys, but not all toys are suitable for your dog. Gradually, you will learn how to build dog toys that will tempt your dog and provide them with hours of entertainment once you discover what they enjoy. Finding out what he enjoys is the best course of action. If he enjoys fetching, develop toys that will fly through the air for him. If he enjoys tug of war, you’ll want to build sturdy and long-lasting toys.

20. DIY Dog Toys With Everyday Items

All of the treat dispensers presented in this video are easy to create and will keep your puppy happy. Further, if your dog is a very energetic breed who constantly wants to play, we must continually come up with new dog toys and new dog activities to keep our dog occupied. Canine boredom can lead to unhealthy behavior.

21. Homemade Kong DIY Dog Toy

If your dog is jittery without you at home and you want to keep them pleased, a Kong is a fantastic option. It’s a device that your dog will play with to get the food they want. With a few simple materials, make this DIY Kong for dogs and show us how much your dog appreciates his new handcrafted toy!

22. DIY Snuggle Dog Toys

DIY Dog Toy Ideas6

This tutorial shows how you can make a snuggly dog toy using a roller and some old pieces of fabric. In addition, it has some other ideas that will keep your dogs entertained, and you can have fun with them using just the scrap material at home.

23. DIY Dog Toys And Activities

DIY Dog Toy Ideas7

Don’t throw waste materials such as plastic bottles, toilet rolls, old pipes, and old fabric in the garbage, instead employ them to indulge your dogs in playful activities. It will help keep them busy with these challenging activities, such as the tray challenge.


Dog toys not only keep your furry love occupied, active, and in a good mood, but they are essential to help build a better and closer bond between you and your dog. Further, when it comes to DIY dog toys, nothing is wasted, and nothing is unable. You can use old stuff to create these fantastic dog toys that your pet will love and cherish forever! Furthermore, dog toys are crucial for dogs who suffer from separation anxiety or are hyperactive and need something to keep them busy. Therefore, use this list of DIY dog toy ideas that will make your dog happy and healthier.


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